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Belle Donati, Bilingual TV News Anchor & Culture Correspondent with more than a decade of experience

Belle Donati: Biography highlights

Belle Donti is among the most accomplished News Anchors and Culture Correspondents of her generation, described by her NBC boss as 'one of the most truly talented people I've ever had the pleasure of hiring,'

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Full biography of Belle Donati

Belle Donati’s background

Belle Donati made her name as a primetime anchor for NBC and was part of the launch team at Euronews-NBC in 2018, anchoring the new channel’s flagship breakfast show Good Morning Europe. Living and working between France and the UK, Belle has been at the epicentre of the Brexit story, all the more so because of her dual French and British nationality. With her natural, friendly style, she demystifies the language around those complex negotiations as well as other international events, for her audiences on a daily basis.

Belle is a breaking news specialist, bringing clarity, credibility and context to unfolding events. A discerning interviewer, she speaks for her audience during discussions and gets the best out of her guests with her collaborative and down-to-earth manner.

Belle has an artistic background. She sits on the Meteor board for Grange Park Opera, reviews theatre productions, has made an award-winning short film, sings in a jazz group and is a voracious reader. As a Culture Correspondent for Reuters, she has reported on stories ranging from David Bowie’s death to refugee theatre projects on the Syria-Lebanon border.

Working with Belle Donati

Belle is an experienced voiceover artist and has provided continuity links for Classic FM as well as voiceovers for corporate videos across a wide range of subjects. She brings authority and warmth to listeners.

She is also an experienced public speaker and is much in demand for corporate work as a host, moderator and facilitator at a range of conferences, panels, corporate videos, award ceremonies and other events. Clients include Cisco, Merck, Aquama and the Geneva International Motor Show.

Further information

Belle is Chair of The Lovington Foundation, which focuses on helping disadvantaged young people. During the COVID-19 pandemic she has become an NHS volunteer responder. She has a first class degree in English Literature from Oxford University and lives in London with her husband and son.



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Belle Donati News Showreel 2020
Belle Donati News Showreel 2020
Belle Donati Arts and Features Showreel
Belle Donati Arts and Features Showreel
NBC News International

'Belle is one of the most truly talented people I have ever had the pleasure of hiring.  She has an incredibly warm and informal presenting style and handles any breaking news situation with calm professionalism. She is always prepared and well researched and is noted for her original in-depth questioning. Her “Breakfast with Belle” series of interviews filmed on location with MEP’s was the greatest example of this skill set. She is self-sufficient and technically adept - a journalist of the modern age who can survive alone when thrown into the field to provide lives from an iPhone and LiveU and yet still look poised and professional.'

Deborah Turness

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