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Dr. Bertalan Meskó is The Medical Futurist - One of the world's leading thinkers and keynote speakers in digital health technologies who has delivered more than 500 presentations worldwide.

Bertalan delivers his talks to a multitude of audiences ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Singularity University. He aims to prepare every stakeholder in healthcare from patients through to pharma companies until government agencies change to create democratic, rationalised and optimised healthcare systems.

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The Future of Medicine & Healthcare
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About Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD is the Medical Futurist.

A geek physician with a PhD in genomics and Amazon Top 100 author ("The Guide to the Future of Medicine" and "My Health: Upgraded"), he envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of healthcare, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality.

With 500+ presentations under his belt, including courses at Harvard, Stanford and Yale Universities, Singularity University, and organizations including the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies, he is one of the top voices globally in healthcare technology.

Never delivering the same speech twice, Dr. Meskó delivers more than 50 keynotes a year and channels his passion about the trends shaping the future of health and medicine, firing up his audience with actionable advice on preparing for the digital revolution in healthcare.

He has given talks at Yale, Stanford and Harvard Universities, the World Health Organization and Singularity University, and top pharmaceutical companies.

Bertalan has been featured by dozens of top publications, including CNN, WIRED, National Geographic, Forbes, TIME magazine, BBC, and the New York Times. His popular blog has more than 3 million readers, and he is one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices.

Additionally, Bertalan frequently helps leading pharmaceutical and technology companies prepare and take advantage of disruptive trends in medicine. His clients range from the top 10 pharmaceutical companies to innovative startups changing healthcare.

Dr. Mesko is also a science fiction fanatic who has been upgrading his health with digital technology for over a decade. His enthusiasm for medical innovation shows through his frequent updates on social media and regular posts on the latest news and advice about realising the future of medicine. He was featured among the top 10 healthcare voices on LinkedIn and has over a hundred thousand followers across his channels.

He also teaches medical students and professionals at Semmelweis University, a leading European medical school and gives masterclasses about disruptive health technology at events such as Stanford Medicine X and Doctors 2.0 And You.

Finally, Bertalan is the founder of Webicina.com, which helps patients and physicians find hand-picked medical news and advice they can trust, for free.

Speaking Topics

  • Genomics
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Future of Pharma
  • Empowered Patients
  • Virtual Reality
  • Social media in Healthcare
  • Health Sensors & Trackers
  • 3D Printing
  • Biotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Robotics
  • Medical Science Fiction


"Having invited him to keynote six times at Doctors 2.0 & You, I can truly say that it is a pleasure to work with him. Dr. Meskó lives and breathes his topics about the future of medicine, he always prepares, and the audience loves him." - Denise Silber, Doctors 2.0 & You
"Dr. Bertalan Meskó has captivated audiences at Stanford Medicine X for years. His expertise, combined with his ability to articulate his vision for a diverse audience has made him the ideal speaker for bringing together all healthcare stakeholders." - Larry Chu,MD, MS, Stratford Medicine X
"Dr. Meskó is a well skilled speaker who has the rare gift of sharing his view on the future of healthcare with a realistic approach, making things tangible with examples, and combining trends into vision and challenges into suggestions for action." - Lucien Engelen, TEDx Nijmegen

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