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Billie Whitehouse

Co-founder at Wearable Experiments and Alumni Manager at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Australia

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Billie Whitehouse is invigorating and transforming the fashion industry, creating a business focused on improving the quality of life. An aesthetic specialist with an infectiously inquisitive approach to technology and innovation, Whitehouse believes people should not have to look like the technology that they have grown to love and depend on.

Billie Whitehouse is the CEO, designer and director of Wearable X. Billie was once compared to Elon Musk in Business Insider in the way that she specializes in the combination of hardware, soft-ware and apparel for wearable technology products. Known for her development of Nadi X and Fan Jersey recently presented at Super Bowl 50, Billie is invigorating the fashion industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives.

Billie is an aesthetic specialist with a naturally inquisitive nature towards technology and innovation. As a garment engineer she strongly believes people should not have to look like the technology that they have grown to love and depend on. Billie’s designs are sharp, experimental, naturally confident and subtly feminine in appearance integrated with the latest technology.

Business Insider recently named Billie as one of the 30 most important women under 30 in tech and she was named in the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. The highlight for Billie in 2017 was being named one of the Most Innovative Companies in Fitness by Fast Co. Forbes recently compared Billie and her co-founder Ben Moir to Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld.

Billie is a renowned keynote speaker with presentations stretching from the The New Yorker Tech Fest 2016, Fortune’s Elevate 2016, Wired UK 2015, Cannes Lions 2015/2016, Conde Nast Digital Russia 2016, India Fashion Forum 2016 and many more.

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