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Dedicated to finding ways for humankind to address its environmental impact.

Bjørn Lomborg's quest for global environmental solutions and some controversial conclusions have seen him become a household name.

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Named in Foreign Policy's 'Top 100 Public Intellectuals' and Time Magazine's 'World's 100 Most Influential People', Bjørn Lomborg is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways for humankind to address their environmental impact. Determined to prove that seemingly unavoidable problems throughout the world can be managed effectively, he is the author of numerous acclaimed books and an advisor to top economists. Lomborg's think-tank, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, is globally respected for its work examining the use of aid and development funds.

  • Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center
  • Adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School
  • Author of books including 'How much have Global Problems Cost the World' - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050

Like anyone with a genuine passion, Lomborg is able to captivate his audience as well as to inform them. His level of knowledge is evident and he is not afraid to voice some of his more controversial views and explain his reasoning.

Exploring ways in which to solve environmental, aid and development crises the world over, Bjørn Lomborg has become one of the top thinkers of his kind. Not afraid to court controversy, his innovative exploration of problem solving methods for now and the future have seen him work with top economists and organisations. An adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School, he shares his motivation and inspiration with the next generation of thinkers and is also a founding member and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, a think-tank devoted to investigating some of the global challenges facing humankind.

Climate change is the area in which Lomborg's opinions have attracted the most interest. He has argued that global policy for the prevention of man-made climate change is costly, likely to be ineffective and that the money used would be better spent elsewhere. He also stated that much of the data concerning climate change and overpopulation did not seem to be supported by accurate statistical analysis. This viewpoint angered many environmental groups and some others in the scientific community and Lomborg was even accused of scientific dishonesty.

Undeterred, Lomborg fought his corner and his name was eventually cleared. In 2010, a documentary featuring Lomborg and his theories was screened in the USA. Called Cool It, the documentary addressed how to convey a realistic view of environmental issues.

An in depth knowledge concerning environmental challenges and an unconventional approach to related topics have seen Lomborg write a number of successful books. He also writes a monthly newsletter which reaches 30 million readers globally.  During his career he has provided articles and interviews to prestigious papers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian. Lomborg has made numerous television appearances for the BBC, CNN, Fox and many others, appearing in programmes such as Newsnight, 60 Minutes and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Lomborg achieved an M.A in Political Science in 1991, before continuing his studies into the subject at a post-graduate level, obtaining his doctorate from the University of Copenhagen in 1994.

Positions and honours

  • Included in 50 People Who Could Save the Planet - The Guardian (2008)
  • Included in 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century Esquire (2008)
  • Included in Top 100 Public Intellectuals - Foreign Policy & Prospect Magazine (2008)
  • Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center (2006 - )
  • Included in Worlds 100 Most Influential People - Time Magazine (2004)
  • Copenhagen Consensus Center included in Top 25 Environmental Think Tanks - University of Pennsylvania

Speaking Topics

  • Simulation of strategies in collective action dilemmas
  • How to Make the World a Better Place
  • The Truth about Global Warming
  • Scorecard for Humanity: The World from 1900 to 2050
  • Limits to Growth: The fatal argument that put us on the wrong environmental track for decades
  • The Skeptical Environmentalist
  • Global Crises, Global Solutions
  • How to Make Your Efforts Count: Feeling Good vs. Doing Good


Testimonial for How much have Global Problems Cost the World - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050: "Lomborg documents how on almost all important metrics, the human condition is improving at a dramatic rate; his thesis is backed up by oodles of other data and research." - The Daily Telegraph

Testimonial for How much have Global Problems Cost the World - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050: "For a volume covering such a large number of grim subjects, ranging from climate change and violent conflict to loss of biodiversity and malnutrition, this is a surprisingly uplifting read. While mankind has succeeded in creating some depressingly disastrous social, natural and humanitarian disaster, we also have the power to alleviate and overcome these self-inflicted challenges. Bjørn Lomborg reminds us that for every part of mankind that can destroy, there is also a part that can create." - Professor Tilman Brck, Director, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Testimonial for How much have Global Problems Cost the World - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050: "This book is a bracing tonic. An excellent survey for students, teachers and the general public with a wealth of thought provoking material. If you want to know how the world is doing, and get hard, comparable numbers to back it up, this is where to go." - Alix Peterson Zwane, Executive Director, Evidence Action and the Deworm the World Initiative.

Testimonial for How much have Global Problems Cost the World - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050: "This 150-year view of humanity's biggest challenges, measured in economic terms, gives unique data on the globes important issues to students, teachers and the general public. Ultimately, it affords everyone the opportunity to answer with facts the questions of humanity's scorecard: are we doing better or worse Overall, it is more good news than bad, but we could still do better." - Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy at Cornell University.

Books By Bjørn Lomborg

  • The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (2001)
  • Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming (2007)
  • Global Crises, Global Solutions: Costs and Benefits (2009)
  • Latin American Development Priorities: Costs and Benefits (2010)
  • Smart Solutions to Climate Change: Comparing Costs and Benefits (2010)
  • Rethink HIV: Smarter Ways to Invest in Ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa (2012)
  • How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place? (2013)
  • Global Problems, Smart Solutions - Costs and Benefits Copenhagen Consensus 2012 (2013)
  • How much have Global Problems Cost the World? - A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050 (2013)

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