Boris Brott

Boris Brott

Conductor with talent, passion, desire to help others achieve their dreams.

A conductor whose talent, passion and desire to help others achieve their dreams has seen him become a top motivational speaker.

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Boris Brott
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Maestro Boris Brott recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from McGill University's Faculty of Music. As a speaker, Brott's presentations are always tailored for each client. His audiences are frequently amazed at their new found performing talent as they gain new insights on teamwork and collaboration. Boris concludes his presentations by "conducting" his audience playing Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" which almost always generates a standing ovation.

Some of the many musical inserts in Boris's presentations are illustrated in the videos below.

  • Internationally recognised Canadian conductor
  • Founder of the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, which allows new musicians learn from qualified professionals
  • Founder of Canada's largest orchestral festival, the Brott Musical Festival
  • An inspired speaker who has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Brott is available to present on English and Italian

Speaking Topics

  • The Joy of Communication
  • Lighting the Creative Flame
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Breaking New Ground
  • Playing Together


"Your topic Orchestral Teaming was most timely, imparting useful information that I am certain is, today, enhancing the skills of IBM's consultants." - IBM

"A real crowd pleaser." - Annie Mae

"Boris, you were terrific" - IDS Financial Services Inc

"Bravo! Your performance at our annual convention in Toronto was superb." - Independent Insurance Agents of America

"I cannot begin to tell you how well you were received by the entire group." - Columbia National Inc

"You really made the event come alive by allowing our sales teams to participate in making beautiful music together. This is an experience our teams will not soon forget." - Kari Martin, Communications Manager, Microsoft Corporation

"Your interesting comparison of Marriott to a symphony orchestra was refreshing, and certainly started off our meeting on an upbeat note." - William R. Tiefel, President, Marriott Lodging

"You imparted useful information that our associates are able to digest and apply to their work at Capitol One. More importantly, you left my team feeling energized and renewed." - Ryan Schneider, Executive Vice President, Capital One

"I want to personally thank you ...You took the message of the meeting and intertwined it perfectly into your closing presentation. The feedback we are now receiving also confirms how my leaders felt about your performance." - William F. Christopher, Group President, Alcoa

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