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  • Business strategist
  • Technology forecaster
  • CEO of Burrus Research
  • Author

Daniel Burrus is an experienced and popular public speaker. He is able to educate and interest audiences with a friendly, well timed style and through the use of humour. He is always informed and up to date, able to provide relevant information and to inspire others to take a keen interest in the future advancements of technology.

Daniel Burrus made his name by accurately predicting future technological advancements and associated trends. His foresight has made him a trusted advisor to numerous large companies and has meant that he has been able to carry out in depth research.

Innate Acumen

A diligent student with a talent for research, Daniel Burru' talent was recognised and he was awarded a federal research grant whilst still an undergraduate. His ability to translate his research findings into noticeable trends and to predict the future of such trends have served Burrus well and he has successfully started up six businesses, three of which rose to national leaders (in the USA) within their first year.

Burrus did not become an internationally renowned business guru just by becoming a successful entrepreneur; he made his name through his predictions. It was his insight into future advancements in technological capabilities and trends which captured the attention of his numerous high profile clients. In the 1980s, Burrus accurately predicted many future technological trends, including that fibre-optics would become the favoured medium for broadband, that businesses would function online and that the human genome would be sequenced by the year 2000.

Burrus Research

One of Burrus' most well-known firms is Burrus Research. Focusing on Burrus' areas of expertise, the business carries out research into future technological advances, potential and emerging trends. Burrus Research is also a consultancy, providing advice to some of the worlds most famous companies. Burrus' clients have included Microsoft, Toshiba, IBM and American Express, demonstrating just how respected his research and instincts actually are.

Burrus has written several books and newsletters relating to technological trends. He has also contributed or been quoted in some very high profile publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNBC, Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Speaking Topics

  • Accelerating growth in a recovering economy
  • Enterprise level apps: How next generation Smartphone apps will revolutionise your business
  • Shaping the future of agriculture
  • Leading with strategic foresight and certainty
  • The seven pillars of digital marketing
  • Accelerating transformation in healthcare
  • Technology enabled innovation: Creating and sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Next Generation social media marketing
  • Transforming education: using technology to accelerate growth


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Books By Daniel Burrus

  • Flash Foresight: How To See The Invisible and Do The Impossible (2011)
  • Technotrends: How To Use Technology To Go Beyond Your Competition (1994)
  • Know What's Next Magazine: Strategies for Transforming Your Business and Future (2011/2012)
  • Technologies leading the way to a healthier future: Medical advances: a user-friendly guide to the latest technology (1990)
  • Reengineering Yourself: Using Tomorrow's Success Tools To Excel Today (Audio Book) (1996)

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