David Thomas, Motivational Speaker

David Thomas

A motivational speaker with an incredible life story.

David is a Guinness record breaker for memory and is an international Grandmaster of Memory and an inspirational speaker on change and challenge.

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David speaks at Wembley (with intro by Oprah Winfrey)

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About David Thomas

Following a very troubled childhood, David turned his life around and joined the Fire Service. During his 11 years as an operational fire-fighter he taught himself how to use his memory in order to succeed at his exams. This proved so successful that he entered the World Memory Championships and went on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history. 

Achievements, Awards, Accolades

  • World Memory Championships medallist
  • International Grandmaster of Memory
  • Guinness® memory record breaker for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits
  • World memory record holder for memorising and reciting 100 packs of individually shuffled packs of playing cards
  • US memory record breaker for memorising 160 digits in 5 minutes
  • US Memory Champion

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Books By David Thomas

"Improving Your Memory" 

"Tell Me Why, Mummy"

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