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Edward de Bono

Influential thinker who introduced the world to "lateral thinking".

A thinker with the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their potential, Edward de Bono coined the term 'lateral thinking' and has written over 50 books which have been translated into more than 30 languages. His innovation in creative and conceptual thinking have seen him become a foremost expert in the direct teaching of thinking skills.

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About Edward de Bono

  • Expert in conceptual and creative thinking
  • Creator of the term 'Lateral Thinking'
  • Best selling author of Six Thinking Hats

Dr Edward de Bono's thinking methods are taught in schools and utilised by global organisations.

Inspirational and approachable, Dr de Bono is able to apply his ground-breaking thinking techniques to just about any circumstance and to teach people of all ages.

The ability to think creatively is essential to individuals and to teams. People of all ages can benefit from a solid education in how best to harness their thinking ability, and for decades Edward has been the one to teach them. His books and techniques are widely used in businesses of all kinds and are considered essential reading in schools throughout the world (so much so in Venezuela that it is a legal requirement for school children to devote an hour to his programmes).

Dr de Bono has worked with numerous universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford. He has worked with numerous high profile companies, introducing his most suitable methods to each with resounding success. His clients have included IBM, Siemens, Microsoft, British Airways, Ericsson and Du Pont.

Currently a sought after speaker and international creative-thinking guru, Dr de Bono first rose to prominence in the 1960s, with the publication of his book The Use of Lateral Thinking. Teaching people how to avoid standard, linear logical thinking and to utilise their creativity, the work was met with enthusiasm by critics and individuals alike. Soon, lateral thinking was being encouraged in schools and the workplace and the term had earned its place in the Oxford English Dictionary. Since the success of The Use of Lateral Thinking, de Bono has written over 50 others, many of which, (such as Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes) have been equally popular and ground-breaking.

Dr de Bono studied medicine at the University of Malta before gaining a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford, where he studied psychology and physiology, eventually gaining a Ph.D. He has also achieved a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

Positions and Honours

  • Listed in Thinkers 50 (2007)
  • National Order of Merit Malta (1995)
  • Pioneer Prize for Thinking - International Conference on Thinking, M.I.T. (1994)
  • Capire Prize for outstanding achievement (1992)
  • 40% of surveyed European Creativity Association members considered de Bono the greatest influence in the field of creativity
  • Opened the US Defense Universitys first symposium of creativity
  • Chair 1990 meeting of Nobel laureates

Speaking Topics

  • Creativity and Lateral Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Focus thinking more clearly
  • Problem-solving and design
  • Improve communication and decision-making


"I definitely know of Dr de Bono and am an admirer of his work. We live in an information economy, where we have to live by what comes out of our minds." - John Sculley, Apple Computer Inc.

"The complexity and pace of contemporary life being what they are, de Bono's course should be an essential curriculum for the human race." - Alex Kroll, Young & Rubican

"De Bono teaches us to challenge such assumptions and develop new creative solutions to problems." - Philip L Smith, General Foods Corporation

Books By Edward de Bono

  • The Use of Lateral Thinking (1967)
  • Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step (1970)
  • Lateral Thinking for Management (1971)
  • Practical Thinking: Four Ways to be Right; Five Ways to be Wrong; Five Ways to Understand (1971)
  • Children Solve Problems (1972)
  • Po: A Device for Successful Thinking (1972)
  • The Happiness Purpose (1977)
  • Atlas of Management Thinking (1981)
  • Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve them (1985)
  • Six Thinking Hats (1985)
  • Six Action Shoes (1991)
  • Teach Yourself How to Think (1995)
  • Serious Creativity: Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas (1995)
  • How to Be More Interesting (1998)
  • How to Have a Beautiful Mind (2004)
  • How to Have Creative Ideas: 62 exercises to develop the mind (2007)
  • Free or Unfree? Are Americans Really Free? (2007)
  • Six Frames for Thinking about Information (2008)
  • Think! Before It's Too Late (2009)

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