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Gareth Jones

A specialist in leadership and business change, and a passionate, entertaining speaker

Gareth Jones Biography

Gareth Jones is a passionate author, professor and speaker who specialises on the topics of leadership and business change. With a bestselling book and an influential consulting firm in his repertoire, he is a lively communicator and true inspiration for audiences who want to become better leaders.


Gareth Jones began his career teaching Economic and Social Studies at the University of East Anglia, until he moved on to the London Business School. He then took on a senior HR position at record label PolyGram, before becoming the Professor for Organisational Development at Henley Management College, but his connection with the London Business School was reformed once again when he was appointed Fellow of the Centre for Management Development.

Jones founded a consultancy firm called Creative Management Associates with Rob Goffee, with whom he also co-wrote ‘Why Should Anyone be Led by You?’ The consultancy firm has advised major corporations from all over the world, including Unilever, Nestle and Barclays bank. In 2009, Jones and Goffee collaborated once again on a book entitled ‘Clever: Leading Your Smartest, Most Creative People’, which outlines methods for business leaders to get the very best out of their most talented employees.

Continuously writing as well as teaching and speaking all over the world, Jones has had his articles published in major journals such as The Financial Times, Management Today and the Harvard Business Review and he is currently on the advisory board of People Management Magazine. His knowledge of leadership and management is renowned, and he uses his varied career and experience working with a variety of major global businesses to delight, enthuse and inspire his audiences to become better leaders.

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Currently a visiting professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, Gareth Jones has a background in public relations and is renowned as an important influence in the arena of business leadership. He is well known for his book ‘Why Should Anyone be Led by You?’ which focuses on the idea that authenticity is crucial for those who want to lead. The book was initially published in the Harvard Business Review as an article, and was so well received that it won the prestigious McKinsey Award.

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Author of Why Should Anyone be Led by You? Which stresses the importance of authenticity and significance in a leader.
  • Writer, academic and active consultant in the business world.
  • Has held senior HR positions at Polygram and the BBC.

Awards, Accolades, Achievements & Honours

  • Why should anyone be led by you was first published as an article in the Harvard Business Review and won the McKinsey Award.
  • Leading Clever People also initially an HBR article was runner-up for the same award in 2008.

Speaking Style

A lively and incredibly knowledgeable individual, Jones is very passionate and enthusiastic during his presentations. He amuses and entertains his audiences with a storytelling approach, and despite putting his points across eloquently and succinctly, he always remains informal, energetic and incredibly likeable.

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Gareth Jones‘s Topics

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Books by Gareth Jones

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