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Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions. She’s best known as an expert on romantic love.

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Internationally-renowned neuroscientist and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher is a pioneer in the biology of human personality and the neurochemistry of leadership. As the Chief Scientific Advisor for Match.com and named one of “the 15 most amazing women in science today” by Business Insider, Dr. Fisher has given the world a new way to look at relationships and “corporate chemistry.”

A TED All-Star, Dr. Fisher has delivered five TED Talks which have been viewed by more than 12 million people worldwide and addressed audiences at Fortune, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the World Economic Forum, SXSW, The Economist’s Ideas Economy and the G-20. With her groundbreaking research, Dr. Fisher shows how understanding the biology behind personality styles can be used to build teams and corporate boards, advertise, innovate, improve relationships and succeed at work.

Dr. Fisher’s personality questionnaire, The Fisher Temperament Inventory, has been taken by over 14 million people in 40 countries and is the first and only personality questionnaire built from and validated by neuroscience (using fMRI brain scanning data). Her discovery of the four basic biological styles of thinking and behaving — Explorer, Builder, Director and Negotiator — represents the biggest leap in personality tools in the last 100 years.

Dr. Fisher is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of NeuroColor, a revolutionary business consulting and training firm. Her work reveals how to recognize and influence each personality style, increasing the effectiveness of teams and improving our understanding of how individuals collaborate, resolve conflict, sell, innovate and lead.

Along with her concept of the four thinking styles, Fisher’s research from NeuroColor has been profiled in Harvard Business Review’s 2017 March-April issue, The New Science of Teamwork, The Wall Street Journal and in the 2017 book, The Leading Brain: Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance.

A consultant for Procter & Gamble and American Express, Dr. Fisher helped VISA understand card usage data and Deloitte University create stronger customer services.

A Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and an Anthropologist at Rutgers University, Dr. Fisher is the most referenced scholar in the field of love and relationships in the world today. A documentary film based on her work, Sleepless in New York, premiered in April 2014. She has written five bestsellers on the neuroscience behind human social behavior, including Why Him? Why Her? and the 1994 classic Anatomy of Love, which was released in a second edition in February 2016.

Appearing on almost every major U.S. News outlet, including 20/20, The Colbert Report, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Today and the NBC Nightly News, her articles have appeared in HuffPost, The Economist, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek — where she examined the leadership styles of presidential nominees.



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Helen Fisher: What we want
Helen Fisher: What we want
Good Relationships are Good For Your Health - Dr. Helen E. Fisher
Good Relationships are Good For Your Health - Dr. Helen E. Fisher
Anatomy of Love | Dr. Helen Fisher | Talks at Google
Anatomy of Love | Dr. Helen Fisher | Talks at Google
Dr. Helen Fisher on How Brain Chemistry Determines Personality and Politics
Dr. Helen Fisher on How Brain Chemistry Determines Personality and Politics
Love and hormones | Helen Fisher
Love and hormones | Helen Fisher

Helen was a complete and inspiring success at our annual mediaFWD event. Everyone was buzzing about her presentation for days afterwards. They still are!'

Hill Holiday
University of Texas at Dallas

'We want to offer a heartfelt thank you for delivering such an informative and entertaining talk last night as part of our The Brain: An Owner's Guide lecture series. Your presentation was fascinating from beginning to end and the audience was demonstrably impressed by your research advances in brain chemistry. We feel truly fortunate to have had you as part of our series.'


'I have talked to everyone who attended the Fisher dinner. They have offered only good remarks. Most attendees noted that the program was special, calling it 'fascinating,' 'one of the best programs I have been to,' 'exciting,' and 'great to hear a topic that was anthropological as well as psychological.' I took two weeks following the dinner off. When I walked into the offices on Monday, it was still fresh in their memory.'

'Dr. Fisher's insights were exceptional and I personally appreciate the attention she gave to our particular needs. Her content was spot on for this audience of global leaders.'

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