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JB Straubel

Innovative engineer who serves as Chief Technical Officer for Tesla Motors

Jeffrey Brian (JB) Straubel was named as one of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review in 2008. He has been responsible for the design of innovative hybrid power systems as well as Tesla's celebrated electric sports cars. As one of Tesla Motors' co-founders, Straubel is responsible for creating one of the most successful firms on the planet in terms of attracting venture capital. He also lectures at Stanford University.

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2014 Energy Storage Symposium Keynote
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About JB Straubel

A history of innovation

Specialising in Energy Systems Engineering while at Stanford University, Straubel didn't waste time in making his mark in industry. After university he helped to design a new hybrid vehicle drivetrain at Rosen Motors. This technology was taken forward in part by Pentadyne Power Corporation, where Straubel served as an early member of their team.

Following this, Straubel co-founded Volacom and served as its Chief Technical Officer. This company developed a long endurance hybrid propulsion system that was licensed to Boeing. Tesla was the next big project in which Straubel got involved, allowing him to bring his experience with electric drivetrains to the world of high performance sports cars.

Co-founding Tesla Motors allowed Straubel to pursue a long standing passion for building electric vehicles that has encompassed building his own electric Porsche 944, a car that set a world EV racing record.


Straubel has been featured in the press on many occasions over the past decade. As well as being named as one of MIT Technology Review's top 35 innovators under 35, he received a full length feature article in Popular Scientist in 2007. He was also pictured in the Economist in a photograph of him taking California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for a test drive in a Tesla roadster.

Straubel is much in demand as a keynote speaker and has appeared on stage alongside figures like George Schultz, the former US Secretary of State. MIT and Stanford have both used Straubel to deliver speeches and the latter employ him as a lecturer on their Energy Storage Integration class.

In addition to his work with Tesla, Straubel also sits on the Board of Directors of SolarCity, one of the United States' top solar energy providers.

Speaking Style

Educational, Informal and Thought-provoking

Topics on which Straubel can speak with authority

Straubel is a popular lecturer and keynote speaker who can deliver illuminating, thought provoking talks on the future of the automotive sector and of energy generation.

In the field of hybrid and electric vehicles there are few people who can match Straubel's expertise. He has a unique perspective on these technologies, having been involved in the company that has done more than any other to raise their profile as automotive power sources.

He can also provide an in-depth case for the need to move to lower carbon energy generation. His involvement with SolarCity dovetails with his work at Tesla, in that the former provides car charging facilities. These offer free charging for Tesla drivers on the route between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He can provide an academic analysis of the world's energy problems along with practical insight on how we can move to a more sustainable future.

Speaking Topics

  • Innovation
  • New Technology
  • Green Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Batteries
  • Solar
  • Industry 4.0


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