John Sitilides

Global Risk Analyst and Consultant to the US Department of State.

John Sitilides is a Global Risk Analyst, a Washington DC government affairs specialist and US State Department consultant.

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John Sitilides speaker, talks about "American Identity on the Global Stage" | TEDxAsburyPark Aug 2017

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About John Sitilides

John Sitilides is a Global Risk Analyst, a Washington DC government relations and international affairs specialist and speaker. Since 2006, he has been US State Department consultant advising on diplomacy issues in European and Middle Eastern diplomacy issues and affairs. John is also a former Chairman of a prestigious Washington DC international affairs institute.

He is frequently interviewed by US and international media such as CNN, FOX, OANN, China Global TV, RT America, i24News and Alhurra TV on global issues, national politics and Congressional affairs.

Recently John presented a TED Talk event on "American Identity on the Global Stage,". He also delivered recent keynote talks on "The Trump Presidency: Global Risks, Geopolitical Strategy and American Leadership 2020" at five major events including GAIM Ops Hedge Fund Compliance in London, the Midwest Small Business Alliance in Chicago, SuperReturn U.S. East Conference in Boston, the Global Future of Retirement Conference in New York, and the RiskMinds Americas Conference in Miami.

As a speaker, John is informative, provides value and engaging and talks about real-time strategic global issues and geopolitical risk concerns under the Trump Administration, challenging the traditional analyst and media consensus on global leaders, their decision-making processes, and the long-term political and economic ambitions and objectives that ultimately shape the international security agenda.

His visual storytelling is delivered without any notes, communicating directly with the audience against the backdrop of a visually compelling slide deck of maps, graphs and charts and zero text or bullet points.

Speaking Topics

  • Global Risk
  • Geopolitical Strategy
  • American Politics


"John Sitilides gave our keynote talk on geo-political risks at the GAIM Ops Cayman event in April 2017, a 500+ person event for COO/CCO/CFOs in the alternative investment industry. I’ve been working in conferences for 5 years and I can honestly say it was one of the best talks I’ve seen. John provided fascinating insights on geo-political issues including Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea and Europe, using simple t! echniques like turning maps on their side to really bring a new perspective to understanding the issues and appreciating their significance on a whole new level. Mixed with cutting edge and up-to-date knowledge of the topics and latest political developments, and the fact John is an excellent and engaging speaker, made for a fascinating presentation. Our audience loved it. The room was packed and it’s been rated as a favorite session by many of the attendees. John is top of my list for any geo-political analysis in the future." - Cosimo Montagu, Director & Editor-in-Chief, GAIM Ops & GAIM | KNect365

"The thoughtful, comprehensive, understandable and practical view you brought to the complex problems and issues revolving around geopolitics truly enlightened and engaged the audience at P&I’s Global Future of Retirement conference. Setting the tone on the second day of the event kept people talking, and your presentation was referred to numerous times by other speakers throughout the day." - Michael Ocrant, Director of Conference Programming, Pensions & Investments Inc.

"I thought your presentation at GAIM Ops London was brilliant. As an enthusiastic observer of world events, I found your presentation to be the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have probably ever heard on the world's current and future trouble zones." - Hugh Craigie Halkett, Europe Director, Financial Risk Mitigation Inc.

Books By John Sitilides

  • How Global Risks Will Test the Trump Administration, Washington Times (2017)
  • The National Infrastructure Dilemma, Washington Times, (2016)
  • Vortex of Turmoil, Vacuum of Power, Washington Times, (2016)

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