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Julia Goodman was an actor, producer and director for 27 years. She enjoyed early stardom in The Brothers and has appeared widely on screen in productions such as The Lotus Eaters, Inspector Morse, Coronation Street, The Bill, Those Glory Glory Days and Beyond Reason. With Kate O’Mara she founded the British Actors Theatre Company and played leading Shakespearean roles all over the world.

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Julia set up Personal Presentation in 1989 after a European tour playing Lady Macbeth, having had the idea while lying in the bath contemplating the prospect of life in a major recession as a divorced single mother of two children. She was surviving – when not working – on £74 a week social security. Three years later she turned over her first £ million.

Her You brand coaching methodology is rooted in the psychology and techniques of the professional theatre, and gives people a practical toolkit that allows them to develop as authentic and impactful communicators by showing them how to ‘perform themselves’, so they come across as real, natural and confident wherever they are.

Julia can also offer readings from her book ‘You brand: a Manual for Confidence’, either in person (small groups) or virtually (larger groups) with Q&A and demonstration.



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Belfast Institute of Directors, October 2019
Belfast Institute of Directors, October 2019
Julia interview with Tereza Medium
Julia interview with Tereza Medium
Speaking at BAWE lunch, June 2019
Speaking at BAWE lunch, June 2019

I'm speechless with admiration.'

Charles Saatchi
Telling PR

'This isn't coaching. It's liberating souls.'

David Telling
Bank of Ireland UK

'You 'remoulded' me to be me, and made a huge and positive difference in my life. You stand out in my career as the person who made the biggest lasting difference. Thank you with all my heart.'

Des Crowley

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