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Julian Treasure

Sound consultant, sought-after & top-rated TED speaker

Julian Treasure Biography

Julian Treasure is a speaker, CEO, and author of the books How to be Heard and Sound Business. For the past twenty years, he has pioneered work in business sound and personal communication training.

Following a career in publishing and marketing, Julian founded The Sound Agency, a global consultancy that helps some of the world’s leading brands to create and deploy sound and music effectively in marketing and in spaces like malls, airports and offices. The outcomes – such as increased sales, happier customers and lower crime rates – have made headlines worldwide. The Sound Agency has proved that good sound really is good business. Julian’s book Sound Business has become a bible of the fast-growing audio branding industry.

The focus of Julian’s recent work has moved on to developing personal communication in sound. His unique insights into conscious listening and powerful speaking have been expressed in a book, five acclaimed TED talks (one of which is the sixth most-viewed of all time), online courses, and international speeches and workshops. Julian’s work has been featured by the likes of TIME Magazine, The Economist, Vogue, GQ, The BBC, NPR, and CBS, and he has spoken globally for diverse organisations ranging from banks, wealth managers and real estate developers to leaders in agrochemicals, healthcare, pro AV and manufacturing, as well as at many major conferences including the Swiss Economic Forum, the Property Academy (UK), Radio Advertising Summit (Germany) and 361 Degree Conference (India).

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Testimonials for Julian Treasure

“Julian’s presentation was not only an inspiration business-wise, but it was also a good mixture of information, conveyed in a lively way and provided great learnings for everyday life. His subject of sound is universal and relevant for everyone, and I would recommend him as a keynote speaker for other opportunities within Panasonic and externally.”

Anne Guennewig

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Panasonic Europe

“Julian’s session was spot on, presenting new insights into sound effects and making us aware of the importance of sound in our daily lives and as producers of content. Feedback from our delegates has been unanimously positive. His session on our web-tv is the most sought after from this year’s conference.”

Anngun Dybsland

Nordic Media Festival

‘To quote one of the attendees, your presentation was “outstanding!”’

Barbara Timmer


“Clearly an expert on his subject, Julian Treasure ran a very engaging and informative workshop for the MDRT Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Putting aside his prowess as a speaker – which is clear – his high standards and professionalism make him extremely easy to deal with when planning an event.”

Sandro Forte


“On behalf of the entire agency, I want to thank you for the wonderful talk you gave us this week on the power of sound design. People around the office are still talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation.”


“Julian is a brilliant genius thinking about the impact of acoustics on everything, including our health, I saw him present at the recent TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh and he was simply forehead-slappingly brilliant.”

Helen Walters

Ideas Editor, TED

“Feedback was universally very, very positive and I cannot recall being at a meeting where every delegate was so completely engaged.”

Colin George

Veterinary Marketing Association

“Julian Treasure made a great keynote at WORKTECH15 London and was one of our highest rated speakers with wonderful content and energy. We’d love to include him in our future programmes.”

Caroline Bell


“Julian was the keynote speaker during our annual Client Conference. Without exception, his presentation was voted as the best of the event. Julian has a wonderful ability to communicate and connect with his audience, and his hour passed all too quickly.”

BPC Banking Technologies

“Julian’s talk was a standout for the distinguished audience at our 20th anniversary event. The subject matter was literally ear-opening, and his demonstrations with sound were both enjoyable and enlightening, helping everybody to gain a whole new perspective on the sheer influence of sound.”

Mark Barber


“Awesome… At the risk of over-using the word yet again, I can’t think of a more appropriate use of it when applied to you! Your presentation was so insightful, truly brilliant, inspiring and full of heart.”

Lynne Grigg

The Designory

“The feedback from our clients was great! We had a lot of positive reactions and in every feedback conversation Julian was mentioned as a very good speaker who was very inspiring. Even after the lunch break, when all congress participants are a bit tired, Julian woke up the people and inspired them about sound.”

Juliane Henze


“Thank you for your amazing closing speech. It (and you) got an incredible response. It was a real pleasure working with you.”

Belinda Raynes

Partner, Forgather

Julian Treasure‘s Topics

How to optimise sound for a brand or business

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Conscious listening in a fast-paced world

We are losing our listening. As a result, companies are losing billions of dollars through poor communication. Julian teaches practical ways to re-tune your ears and improve everything from your company meetings to your personal relationships.

The four ways sound affects us

Julian aims to transform your relationship with sound, by demonstrating how it affects everything from our heart-rate to our hormones, to our behaviour. He reveals how we can enhance our everyday sound to lead healthier, happier lives.

Why architects need to use their ears

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The architecture of sound

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5 ways to listen better

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Sound Business

As founder of one of the world’s leading audio branding companies, Julian uses first-hand case studies to showcase the enormous potential of sound in business and use it to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition.

How to speak so that people want to listen

Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? Julian demonstrates the how-to’s of powerful speaking, from vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy, to a public speaking masterclass.

Designing with our ears

Did you know that noise can degrade productivity by up to 66%? Julian explores the hidden “aural architecture” of offices, hospitals and schools. He reveals practical ways to achieve happiness, well-being and productivity in the built environment.

Ssh! Sound health in 8 steps

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Books by Julian Treasure

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