Katarina Witt

Multi-talented modern woman, two-times Olympic Gold medal champion.

A multi-talented modern woman, Katarina Witt rose to fame as a champion figure skater.

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Interview - 2010 - Ice Figure Skater
Profile of and Interview with Katarina Witt (GER) - 1994 Lillehammer, Figure Skating

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About Katarina Witt

Katarina Witt is a world famous figure skater who has won two Olympic Gold medals, the World Championships four times and the European Championships six times. She has recently embarked on an acting career.

Her physical ability and creative streak have made Witt stand out from other athletes. Her speaking style reflects this - she is enthusiastic and motivational.

Born in Staaken, East Germany on December 3rd 1965, Witt's sporting talent was noticed at a young age and she attended a Kinder- und Jugendsportschule, a specialist athletic school.

Her ability at figure skating went from strength to strength and she began working with the East German SC Karl-Marx-Stadt club. In 1977, Witt began training with world renowned figure skating coach Jutta Mller. Her dedication was tested during this time, as she needed to practice six days a week, often for seven hours per day.

Witt's commitment eventually paid off and in 1979, she participated in the European Championships, achieving fourteenth place. After this competition, her skating career went from strength to strength, and in 1982 she was awarded silver medals at the European and the World Championships.

Figure Skating Success

During the next season, Witt won gold at the European Championships but failed to match her performance at the World Championships, achieving fourth place. Following her first gold, Witt continued to up her game. Her figure skating achievements are listed below:

  • 1982 European Figure Skating Champion Silver (Lyon)
  • 1983 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Dortmund)
  • 1984 Winter Olympic Gold (Sarajevo)
  • 1984 World Figure Skating Champion Gold (Ottowa)
  • 1984 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Budapest)
  • 1985 World Figure Skating Champion Gold (Tokyo)
  • 1985 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Gothenburg)
  • 1986 World Figure Skating Champion Silver (Geneva)
  • 1986 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Copenhagen)
  • 1987 World Figure Skating Champion Gold (Cincinnati)
  • 1987 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Sarajevo)
  • 1988 Winter Olympic Gold (Calgary)
  • 1988 World Figure Skating Champion Gold (Budapest)
  • 1988 European Figure Skating Champion Gold (Prague)

Witt became world famous due to her sporting victories, and began touring in a show entitled Witt and Boitano Skating. These shows allowed Witt and male champion skater Brian Boitano to demonstrate their amazing skills to huge crowds, with their performance of Carmen on Ice impressing spectators. The show was so popular that it became the first performance to sell out New York's Madison Square Garden venue.

After the tour, Witt returned to the Olympics, competing at Lillehammer in 1994. She then began touring the USA and Canada for a decade, taking part in competitions and appearing as a guest star on Stars on Ice and Champions on Ice.

Along with Elisabeth Gottmann, Witt co-produces numerous ice skating shows. Witt is also responsible for numerous other aspects of these shows, including writing, creative and performance aspects.

WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH

Witt and Gottmann founded WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH in 1995, with the aim of revolutionising figure skating shows. The venture has been extremely successful, arranging numerous popular skating shows which have been televised in Germany and in the USA.

Television Work and Acting 

Due to her insight and experience of the sport, Witt has worked with commentators, covering figure skating at the Winter Olympics on German and American television.

In 2009, Witt began her acting career as Amour in a stage production of Everyman in Berlin. In early 2013, she was a leading character in the German TV movie Der Feind in meinem Leben.

Personal and Charitable Interests

The Katarina Witt Foundation was founded in 2005; the charitable organisation supports children with disabilities. She also supports a number of other charities.

Speaking Topics

  • The Mindset of Winners
  • Dealing with Change


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Books By Katarina Witt

  • Mit Leichtigkeit in Form: Das Programm für Fitness, Schö​nheit und Lust / With ease in the form: The program for fitness, beauty and desire (with Ulrich Pramann) (2001)
  • Salt Lake City 2002. Unser Olympiabuch / Our Olympia Book (with Heinz Florian Oertel) (2002)
  • Only with Passion: Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life (2005)
  • Gesund und fit mit Kati Witt / Healthy and fit with Kati Witt (2006)

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