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Klisman Murati

Thought leader in world affairs and geo-politics , Pangaea Wire Group founder and CEO

Klisman Murati Biography

Speaker Klisman Murati is a thought leader and advisor on world affairs and global trends. He is also the owner of the specialist consultancy, Pangaea Wire Group.

Klisman is a frequent face for international news media and has given his analysis and opinions on several of the most important global challenges and events like Brexit, Middle Eastern tensions, geo-politics and conuter-terrorism. Klisman is an experienced and dynamic speaker and his knowledge and insight are valuable for many in the business and public sector.

As an expert on human decision-making & strategy, he applies his knowledge to topics like global trends, blockchain and political risk and is sought after by many. Klisman has authored over 250 articles and 7 Published academic papers, 3 of which are featured on Google Scholar, his years of experience along with his original and unabashed outlook on the world make him the go to person for his clients.

Klisman also serves as an expert adviser to the European Commission and has assisted the UK Parliament on human rights and security issues. His work has been referenced by the EU Commission and has been quoted alongside former CIA Directors and he has also consulted for the Pentagon and the US Air Force on Outer Space Defence.

He is an engaging and charismatic keynote speaker with experience in addressing crowds of varying sizes and backgrounds, he has held the attention of world leaders, high ranking military personal, and corporate executives. He is memorable and at times unorthodox in his methods and delivery of his public addresses. Klisman has a way of capturing the audience’s attention, and his extensive knowledge in business and world affairs can really make a difference for many corporate firms, governments and organizations. 

He continues to educate himself and currently holds five degrees and certifications including on outer space security, human rights, anti-corruption and money laundering to name a few.  Klisman can speak on a variety of topics and likes to customize his keynotes to fit your specific needs. If you’re looking for an original voice and thought leader that can cut through the fog of issues that matter to you or to help navigate the ins and outs of a global trend, Klisman is the speaker for you.

Klisman Murati Videos

Testimonials for Klisman Murati

“Klisman is ambitious, resilient and a quick study. He focuses on getting the job done. His self-motivation and commitment to improving are admirable.

I’ve worked with Klisman on and off since 2012 and he has taken his lessons to heart. He is willing to ask for help when he has first exhausted his own resources which means he doesn’t waste your time.

Not everyone wants to or likes working with someone who has such clarity about what he wants and a willingness to make those sacrifices necessary to achieve their goals. Klisman is not for everyone but I for one am pleased he came into my life. He is refreshingly candid and free of artifice. You know where you stand with him, he respects agreed boundaries and he pushes himself to improve constantly without complaint.”

Marcus Cauchi FISM

Author “Making Channel Sales Work”, Worlds Top Sales Trainer and Speaker

“Klisman’s workshop content was 5 Stars”

Royal Air Force (RAF)

“Thanks, this was really fascinating!”


“We call on Klisman’s wealth of experience and expert opinion when we need an authoritative voice on geopolitics, finance, foreign affairs and business”

Al Jazeera

“Klisman ticked all the boxes, his workshop was relevant, well researched, clearly explained and he answered all questions – 5 star speaker”


“Klisman is an engaging speaker with experience in addressing crowds of varying sizes and backgrounds. Memorable and at times unorthodox in his methods and delivery of his public addresses, he has the ability to engage in exciting Q&A sessions as well as challenging assumptions and questioning established virtues.”

Private Investment Club

“Klisman has the unique ability to communicate highly complex topics in an easy to understand, thought provoking, fun and engaging way”

The Institute of Physics

“Fantastic event, the host was amazing! Really enjoyed the experience, the location was great! Klisman is a very talented charismatic individual and he made the night amazing! Thank you”


Klisman Murati‘s Topics

The Anthropology of Globalisation: Why our social make up is working against us

We hear from countless sources and in equal measure the positives and negatives of globalisation. For some, globalisation has widened opportunities for many but in the same vein it has left some feeling disenfranchised and unhappy.

Many people from an array of professional backgrounds have given their two cense on the topic including economists, politicians, business people, etc. However, there is still a large gap in our understanding and ability to make globalisation work for us all.

Perhaps the humble anthropologist can shed light on this important issue? This talk provides a refreshing and critical insight into the limits of our ability to be a truly globalised world. This talk will help us understand why business thrived in a globalised world but our ability to connect with one another on a global level to solve issues such as human rights, poverty and development have fallen by the wayside and what if anything we can do to bridge that gap.

How to create a system for the many: Why BITCOIN is not the answer

The world is experiencing a time which holds no precedent, we are facing challenges and creating opportunities at rates never seen before. The world, some argue, is experiencing a divide between the haves and have nots that can be potentially irreversible. Why is this happening? A fundamentally flawed and self-serving economic system say many, the solution – cryptocurrencies!

The advent of cryptocurrencies has promised us many things, including, a more fair and just economic system, as well as a way for everyday people to take back control of their financial lives. But how are these claims living up to reality?

Murati delves deep into this claim and asked: Do cryptocurrencies really have the ability to topple the current financial status quo? How has this claim transformed over time? Should we really believe these claims? and fundamentally, what are the dangers of buying into this movement wholeheartedly?

Outer Space Sovereignty and the changing nature of warfare

The dangers and technological advancements in outer space are virtually unknown by the average person on the street yet its influence and repercussions are such that can affect every single person on earth.

What happens when space becomes a new theatre for war? and who is allowed to claim sovereignty over it? Understanding the fundamental issues at play is key to understanding what type of future the human race will live to see.

Join Klisman as he breaks down the issues and sheds light on the most fascinating topic you will have the pleasure of attending.

Lessons from the Enemy: what we can learn from ISIS and how we win heart and minds in this new age?
  • What lessons can we learn from the strategy ISIS and other groups use online?
  • Breaking down the demographic so we know what we want to achieve with who
  • Social media as a tool not a silver bullet: how perception needs backing up
The Future of the European Project: identity, inclusion or a new age?

Historically Europe has been a theatre of war, diplomacy, trade, innovation and collaboration. The European Union represents the longest standing union the continent has seen. Under its formation the continent has seen a development of trade and political consensus.

Moreover, it is out of this union that European ideals have emerged that have held the hearts and minds of it political establishment. It is also true that there is a part of Europe that although shares the title of being in Europe does not share its European identity due to historical political experiences. Why has the European model won? And what happens to the identity of Europe when this consensus is disturbed?

What will be the result of mass migration and the accession of the Balkan nations on the identity of Europe?

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