Konstantinos Karypidis

Motivator with a unique blend of psychology, magic & illusion.

Konstantinos Karypidis is a motivational speaker and consultant with a difference. He uses a unique blend of psychology, magic and illusion to inspire people - working on body language and memory to help people access their potential and achieve their goals. He has worked with some of the top brands in the world including KPMG, Phillips and L'Oreal.

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Konstantinos Karypidis

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Full of passion, enthusiasm and energy, Konstantinos Karypidis helps people achieve their goals and realise their talents.

First and foremost a performer, Karypidis is a creative and energetic presence who uses theatrical plays and one-man shows to reveal what we are capable of. Now he has taken this flair and enthusiasm into the corporate world in order to share this creative path to business success. He has worked with leading companies including KPMG, Phillips, L'Oreal, MetLife Alico and AXA Insurance as a consultant using his unique skills to improve performance and inspire people to succeed.

Karypidis has a degree in Business Administration from Athens University of Business and Economics with a major in Managerial Information Systems and is a PhD Candidate in Economics at National University of Athens.

He is an expert in body language and memory - a script writer, network marketer and 'mentalist performer'. He has worked with many Greek celebrities as a performance consultant. When he is not giving a lecture or conducting a seminar he transforms himself as an illusionist maestro who uses a unique combination of psychology, body language and deception techniques, to reveal and explore what we are capable of doing with our fabulous mind.

His interest in the art of magic, began after a car accident which immobilized him for 4 months when he was very young and it has been a passion ever since. It was because of this passion that later while he was studying business administration, got inspired from a class on consumer behaviour and thought that magic would be much stronger if it was combined with psychology, hypnosis, suggestion and body language, so he devoted himself in expanding his knowledge and hands-on experience in all these topics.

Since that day, Konstantinos has delivered numerous keynotes in major conferences around the world, and has worked with leading companies in the areas of change, leadership, teamwork, achievement, innovation and empowerment. He is currently in the process of completing his first book, on leadership.

Speaking Topics

  • Human potential
  • The Creative Mind
  • Strategies for Success
  • Using Body language and memory to achieve your goals.


"Konstantinos Karypidis is one of the best. He is a guru in his field." - Konstantinos Marinakis, Managing Director, ORIFLAME Greece

"With an extraordinary speech at the 9th Customer Service Summit of the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service, Konstantinos managed to gain the complete attention of more than 220 delegates. Our evaluation forms confirmed that his speech touched our audience: Konstantinos was rated with 4.9 points in a scale of 1-5!" - Michalis Boussias, Boussias Communications

"Konstantinos is an extremely capable and driven individual, passionate about what he is doing and that is why he is so effective in bringing results." - Antonios Printezis, Ph.D., Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business, Professor of Supply Chain Management

"Konstantinos Karypidis' presence in our conferences in 2012 produced amazing results. His speeches were full of emotion and ambition which is something very hard to teach and almost difficult to describe in words. The feedback we received from the attendants was full of enthusiasm about his passion, energy and his communicability." - Pavlina Kostantara, Head of PR, AVON Greece

"After Konstantinos' presentation all attendants realized the potential power we possess and which unfortunately because of our ignorance on how our mind functions we are not taking advantage of. With Konstantinos being our experienced guide we all were participants in a meaningful and powerful journey to the unknown land of Mr. Brain. His thorough and deep knowledge on non-verbal communication often led us to experience with awe methods and strategies which can help us to alter our paradigms and achieve our goals." - Sotiris Spiliopoulos - Head of Training, Prime Insurance, Cyprus

"Superb and essential for anyone wishing to improve any and all areas of their life. Konstantinos is a fantastic speaker who always receives highest rankings. His presentations are just spot-on and motivating." - Michalis Stangos - Founder and CEO, MSCOMM

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