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Kris Verburgh

Medical doctor, researcher and author specialising in health, aging and the future of medicine and biotechnology

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Kris Verburgh is a medical doctor, researcher and author who specialises in health, aging and the future of medicine and biotechnology.

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He studies how new technologies will disrupt medicine, health(care) and our lifespans and he watches new trends and paradigm shifts in the medical field and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on our bodies, brains, and health.

As a researcher at the Free University of Brussels, he studies how we age and how these insights can be used to improve health and lifespan and lead to better prevention and treatment of various aging-related diseases and obesity. He created a new scientific field, nutrigerontology, that studies how nutrition can accelerate or slow aging and influence the risk of aging diseases, like heart disease or dementia.

Verburgh wrote his first science book when he was 16 years old. At age 25, he had written 3 science books.

Dr. Verburgh gives talks on new developments and paradigm shifts in medicine, healthcare and the science of aging. He gave lectures for the European Parliament, Google, Singularity University, various academic institutes, organizations, and international companies. He is a researcher at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) and member of the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition group at the Free University of Brussels.



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The second biotech age | KRIS VERBURGH | TEDxRoma
The second biotech age | KRIS VERBURGH | TEDxRoma
Kris Verburgh: Aging, nutrition and health (Part I)
Kris Verburgh: Aging, nutrition and health (Part I)
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There are speakers who reach the ears of their audience and there are speakers who reach ears and heart. Kris Verburgh is one of the latter and enchanted everybody.'

Peter van Lindonk
co-Founder & director

'Kris Verburgh, scientific heavyweight and a master speaker.'

Cor van Leeuwen
member of the board of directors
Rotary club The Netherlands

'Without a doubt, the lecture of Kris Verburgh was one of the best we have ever seen at our Rotary meetings. A lecture of such a brilliant speaker is perhaps a one in 20-year event and I think this was also the prevailing impression of the public.'

Rob Gruben

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