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Leading authority on change management and customer service.

For over a decade, Larry Hochman was part of the Senior Management team of British Airways and of the loyalty scheme, Air Miles (now Loyalty Management Group). A world-leading expert on customer service and the impacts of changing technologies, culture and values upon customer behaviour, he has become a sought after advisor to brands from all sectors, explaining how to change business for the better and how to evolve to accommodate changing customer needs.

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The Relationship Revolution
'Customers in Control Forever' at the London Business Forum
Expert on Customer Service and Leadership

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About Larry Hochman

Larry Hochman is a true inspirational speaker. Sharing his in-depth insight into the future of customer service, he is able to motivate organisations of all sizes to change for future success.

  • Authority on change management
  • Customer relations expert
  • Talent management guru
  • Former Director of British Airways and Air Miles

During his ten years at British Airways, Hochman occupied roles including Director of Customer Service and Director of People and Culture. These positions reflected Hochmans existing expertise and also served to provide him with ample more experience, allowing him to explore the importance of effective management during times of change. During his time with BA, he created and led the Winning for Customers training programme, which eventually reached more than 50,000 of the airlines employees, becoming a company-wide strategy. He emulated his success at BA at Air Miles, helping the business grow to become the internationally acclaimed rewards scheme that it is today. Utilising talented individuals to business advantage, recognising how cultural and technological change will affect customer behaviour (and therefore business in the near future) - these are skills which Hochman has honed over the years and which he now shares.

Since 1998, Hochman has been running his own consultancy business. Sharing his insight into leadership, talent and change management, he has become one of the most popular speakers and mentors of his kind, with past clients including American Express, BBC, BT, Canon, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, Daimler-Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Nestle, Nokia, Royal Dutch/Shell, Siemens, Tesco, TNT and Toyota. By focusing on future change, he allows his clients to ready themselves for customers with ever more choice and more savvy, teaching them how to maximise their appeal and how to make the most of the talent they already possess through exceptional leadership.

Speaking Topics

  • Embracing Change & Change Management
  • The Future of Work
  • Customer Service
  • People and Culture
  • Winning Customers
  • Now Is The Time For Courageous Leadership
  • Weathering The Storm - The Importance of HR in an Economic Crisis


"Larry exceeded our expectations, there was an absolute alignment to what we wanted in the content and the delivery." - TNT

"Your startling appraisal of the way business is likely to change in the next few years was sobering and thought provoking. This is exactly what is needed to help our business managers 'think outside the box' about ways in which their own markets may change and how they can adapt themselves to exploit the opportunities that presents. At the same time your messages in so many different ways fit well with the overall 'Think Customer' theme for this year's Forum." - Chief Executive, Siemens

"What was best was Larry's ability to customize his remarks to our specific circumstances and the way he made it sound so natural. He met our expectations in every way. It was a 'home run' for us." - Jeppesen

"Excellent - great speaker, great thoughts." - Harvard PR

"Energetic, challenging and strong message, well-tailored to our audience. Larry delivered exactly was he was briefed to deliver and had an excellent impact on our conference." - Reed Exhibitions

"Professional, interesting, held the audience and exceeded our expectations!" - BT Wholesale Markets

"Your presentation at the 28th Telindus Symposium was a very big success and well received indeed...our audience loved it!" - CEO & President, Telindus Group

"This is just a short note to thank you both personally and on behalf of all the conference attendees for your presentation yesterday. From the tenor of comments and feedback received subsequently you certainly provided much food for thought." - Head of the Business Unit, Conoco

Testimonial for The Relationship Revolution: "Larry's thoughts on customers, culture and talent are immensely valuable for any business, anywhere in the world." - President & CEO, Amberwood Entertainment Corp.

Testimonial for The Relationship Revolution: "For Larry the relationship between customers and profitability is intuitive and effortless. By reading his book you will be galvanised to do something about it at a time when it couldnt matter more." - Chief Marketing Officer, Aviva

Testimonial for The Relationship Revolution: "If you are still denying the importance of Web 2.0, then read this wakeup call from one of the worlds foremost speakers on customer relationships. If you truly value your customers then The Relationship Revolution is required reading in every part of the world and regardless of the business you are in." - Scott Gustlin, Vice President, Interactive RTP

Testimonial for The Relationship Revolution: "Larry Hochman understands the business zeitgeist exceptionally well. The Relationship Revolution brings together what he has learned from hundreds of customers and thousands of managers. His argument that authentic customer relationships are what will separate the winners from the alsorans is provocative, challenging and a call to action." - Dr Stan Maklan, Cranfield School of Management

Testimonial for The Relationship Revolution: "Finally Larry Hochman, one of the worlds most popular keynote speakers, has put his wisdom into a book. His insights on management, marketing, leadership, customer service and human resources will certainly help the readers create unique value at the speed of life." - Santiago Zapata, Founder and President of HiCue Speakers.

Books By Larry Hochman

  • The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap (2010)

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