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Les Hewitt

The focus coach, business coach – international speaker – bestselling author

Les Hewitt Biography

Business leaders around the world turn to Les when they need help with one or more of these four fundamental issues:

  1. They are concerned and unclear about their future goals and direction.
  2. Their leaders or sales people are not focusing on their top priorities and delivering the expected results.
  3. Internal and external relationships are sub-par, especially in the areas of effective communication and creating leverage with their best clients.
  4. Bad habits, personal and professional, are seriously affecting productivity, morale and profits. There are volumes of evidence to support this scary fact!

His role as The Focus Coach is simply to fix all of this, and more.

Speaking Style

For the last 32 years, he has had the distinct privilege of helping more than 300 companies to become much better focused on the specific strategies that create long term success. As a business owner and entrepreneur, his skills have been honed by facing and overcoming the same challenges that his clients face every day.

Theories and philosophies are no match for enduring and thriving in the real world of business for decades!

Clients in Canada, United States, the UK, Ireland, Bahrain, Dubai, Russia, Singapore and Australia have entrusted Les with their audiences at Annual Sales and Management Conferences, Leadership Retreats, and in-house workshops.

Les’ clients include major organizations such as Wells Fargo, Emerson Engineering, Royal Bank of Canada, Cameron Inc. Nexen Energy, the Million Dollar Round Table, Greyhound, The Pampered Chef, Neways Australia, Remax, Fedex and many many more.

Les is also an international bestselling author having created The Power of Focus book series. The first title became a #1 New York Times bestseller and was co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The Power of Focus has sold close to one million copies and translated into 20 languages.

But what’s Les like on stage?

His style is to engage, challenge, entertain and inspire my audience, every time. He has found that by using direct questions, fascinating real life stories to emphasize a point, along with a healthy sprinkling of humour: having some fun is important, people respond quickly and really enjoy the whole experience.

However, the bottom line is all about producing results, so the content is practical with lots of Action Steps that can be implemented right away.

What you won’t get from Les is boring power-point slides, a canned speech and a lot of useless hype that is forgotten a few days later!

As well as ensuring solutions for your specific challenges that are delivered during his presentation, Les also enjoys pre-calling several audience members to gain their perspective, too. If desired, a series of follow up videos are also included to ensure fast implementation of the most important strategies. This is all free of charge.

Well, that’s enough about him. If this little introduction has you thinking that a 10-15 minute phone call with him would be worthwhile, then contact one of our associates at Speakers Associates.

We can arrange a call quickly, and during that conversation you will discover if Les focusing skills and expertise are a good fit for your next important event. He is confident you will. One thing for sure though, your call will be focused on adding value to you, whether you decide to move forward or not.

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Testimonials for Les Hewitt

You delivered exactly what we wanted, and more!

Daniel M. Boardman

Chairperson, Million Dollar Round Table

Thanks to Les Hewitt’s Power of Focus system, I am happier, more relaxed and well balanced. My income has increased 80 per cent and I’ve received Top Performance rewards for the second year in a row. I now focus more precisely on my most important tasks and complete them efficiently.

Nigel Grace

Regional Manager, Human Factors International

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The Power of Focus

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The Leader Within

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Achieve Your Goals

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