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Lewis Pugh

Environmental Campaigner - Swum & Explored in every Ocean in the World.

An environmental campaigner and swimmer who combines his love of challenge and adventure with raising awareness about the condition of the world's most vulnerable habitats.

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Best known for his work highlighting the plight of deteriorating aquatic ecosystems through endurance swimming, Lewis Pugh is an environmental campaigner with a difference. Realising that the loss of sea and glacial ice, marine pollution and habitat destruction will have an impact not just on nearby people and animals, but on people the world over, Pugh decided to take action. His quests have seen him swim long distances in every ocean, as well as in one of Everest's glacial lakes. Not afraid to voice his opinions, hopes and dreams, Pugh is aware that a sense of purpose is essential to conquering what seems impossible. He aims to help his dream of clean oceans thriving with life come true, for our benefit and for the benefit of future generations.
  • Ocean advocate
  • Explorer and Swimmer
  • First person to swim 1km at the North Pole
  • Author of the bestselling book 'Achieving the Impossible : A Fearless Leader, A Fragile Earth'
  • Exceptional inspirational speaker who has addressed business and political leaders

Speaking Style

A passionate and honest speaker, Pugh's inspirational speeches have met with widespread acclaim. A video recording of him speaking about leadership at Business Innovation Factory's (BIF) annual conference has been voted one of the 'Seven Most inspiring Videos on the Web' and he has helped motivate management teams from Coca-Cola and Lloyds insurance to find ways to implement their 'greener' future plans.

Speaking Topics

  • Teamwork
  • Change Management
  • Vision & Goal setting
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Protection of environment
  • Power of the mind
  • Overcoming obstacles & Setbacks


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