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Lloyd Davies

Major (Retd) Lloyd Davies is an internationally recognised expert in counter-terrorism bomb disposal and hostage rescue who trains, coaches and prepares elite Special Forces and bomb disposal operators, around the world, for life-threatening operations

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During a 15-year military career Lloyd led specialist teams in multiple operational theatres, including Iraq and Afghanistan, defusing countless Improvised Explosive Devices as one of the Army’s leading bomb disposal and weapons intelligence experts.

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Lloyd joined the British Army at 18 and was commissioned from the world-renowned, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as the youngest serving Army officer.

Culminating his extensive operational experience, Lloyd served as the principle bomb disposal operator within the UK’s most prestigious Counter-Terrorism and hostage rescue unit, 22 SAS Regiment. There he led a Counter-Terrorism bomb disposal team specialising in opposed hostage rescue and advised COBRA, the Cabinet Office’s emergency response committee.

After hanging up his tools, Lloyd moved to the corporate world of defence procurement as the military advisor to the MOD’s Special Projects Search and Countermeasures delivery team and was the technical lead for the development and procurement of bespoke equipment solutions for specialist users; in particular a £50+ million pound project in defence robotics. Later Lloyd founded Five Three Alpha Ltd as an independent consultancy to the defence engineering industry focusing on product development and integration.

Framed within the fascinating world of bomb disposal Lloyd delivers a unique yet relatable insight into the mind and experiences of a Special Forces Bomb Disposal Operator. His honest and frank speaking style draws unlikely comparisons between seemingly unconnected worlds analysing the criticality of decision making, individual and team performance under unrelenting pressure and the impact it has on leaders, teams and the individuals.



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Special Forces Bomb Disposal Expert Rates 10 Bomb Disposal Scenes In Movies | How Real Is It?
Special Forces Bomb Disposal Expert Rates 10 Bomb Disposal Scenes In Movies | How Real Is It?
Tesco Underwriting

Your presentation had a real impact on us all - a mixture of admiration and humility mixed with some great practical performance advice in our commercial world. Whilst there's clearly no real comparison with your experiences and what we do day to day, the feedback from our guys was that you drew out parallels we can apply; exactly the impact we were looking for.'

Steve Kingshott

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