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Mark Ritson

Marketing & branding expert with worldwide recognition in his field

Mark Ritson Biography

A marketing and branding expert for the modern age who has inspired students and businesses alike with his dedication to his work as a columnist, consultant and professor.

With a portfolio of past clients including brands such as Pepsico, Glaxo SmithKline and Johnson & Johnson, plus an ongoing role at LVMH, there is no doubt that Mark Ritson can be considered a world-leading expert in marketing. His work as an advisor, professor, academic writer and columnist has seen him win numerous coveted awards and his knowledge relating to branding is considered essential by businesses in diverse industries all over the world.

Now one of the most respected marketing experts in the world, Mark Ritson’s early interest in brands and branding saw him earn a Ph.D. in marketing from Lancaster University, focusing on the social uses of advertising. This dissertation, entitled The Social Uses of Advertising: An Ethnographic Study of Adolescent Advertising Audiences earned him the prestigious Ferber Award in the year 2000, an accomplishment which served as an indication of the reception which awaited him in his career. The way in which businesses made themselves known to clients and customers was changing rapidly and they needed a new breed of expert; with his understanding of modern advertising and innate understanding of the customer psyche, Ritson was an ideal candidate.

With his communication skills, affability and insight, Ritson makes an exceptional professor. He has served as a faculty manager at some of the worlds best known business schools and is a sought after Master of Business Administration (MBA) teacher, specialising in brand management. Ritson has so far been a faculty member at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), London Business School, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Melbourne. Winner of three teaching awards, he is preparing future branding experts for a diverse and ever-changing role in which they will have to look to the future to help clients succeed in the present.

Ritson has acted as a consultant for numerous high profile brands, helping them to stay relevant to todays consumer base. PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo SmithKline and Adidas are just some of the businesses he has worked with. Through his years of work with the luxury group LVMH he has experience working with prestige brands such as Dior, Fendi, Hennessey and Dom Perignon.

To share his in depth insight into the world of brands and marketing, Ritson writes a weekly column for Marketing Week magazine and for Australias Business Review Weekly magazine. He contributes articles to academic journals such as Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Consumer Research and Sloan Management Review.

Ritsons recent work includes a customer research survey using Net Promoter Scores (a modern alternative to the traditional consumer satisfaction survey). The survey, which was carried out with Australian companies, can help predict the future growth of businesses and provide valuable insight into customer perceptions. This method of ascertaining feedback and anticipating growth could prove useful brands the world over.

Awards, Accolades, Achievements, honours

  • Ferber Award Journal of Consumer Research (2000)
  • Research he co-authored cited by George Akerlof during his Nobel Prize acceptance speech (2001)
  • Teaching Award London Business School (2004)
  • British Columnist of the Year, Runner Up – PPA Awards (2004)
  • Teaching Award – Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne (2007)
  • Teaching Award Sloan Business School, MIT (2009)
  • Columnist of the Year for Business Magazines – PPA Awards (2009)
  • Voted one of the UKs most admired marketers Marketings Readers Survey (2009)

Current/Past Roles and Positions

  • Marketing and branding expert
  • Consultant to some of the world’s leading brands
  • Associate Professor at Melbourne Business School since 2004
  • Columnist and contributor to prestigious journals
  • Has taught at London Business School, MIT and the University of Minnesota

Speaking Style

A combination of intuition, experience and innovation makes Mark Ritson’s marketing advice unmissable for any forward-thinking business. He can engage and educate teams with any experience level.

Mark Ritson Videos

Mark Ritson, speaker


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Testimonials for Mark Ritson

“Ritson is a world class speaker. Among the best I’ve seen. And I’ve organised, and attended, a LOT of good conferences around the world. Outspoken, but with an authoritative, and authentic point of view, Mark completely holds and entertains the audience. Every time he’s spoken at our events, he’s delivered some of our highest post-event feedback scores of all time.
As a speaker, he is a huge drawcard for those interested in the world of marketing. For me as an event organiser, there’s no better feeling than watching venue staff frantically putting out extra chairs because the crowd is streaming in to see Mark speak.”

Tim Burrowes

Founder & Content Director, Mumbrella

“Mark is an outstanding communicator with deep knowledge and experience in marketing and branding. A pleasure to be in his audience.”

Howard Siow

Founding Principal and CEO, Taaffeite Capital Management LLC (TCM)

“Mark is an excellent practitioner of branding and one of the most talented experts I have met in communicating his thoughts. He has very insightful and original ideas and keeps his audience engaged at all times. His knowledge of branding and marketing overall is a valuable asset for clients and peers alike.”

Tolga C.

Senior Manager, Strategy Business Development, Partnership, MBA

“Mark was sensational… from minute one was full of energy, knowledge, provocation and counsel. He was the highest rated speaker in our post conference survey. Our team genuinely loved him and were made better for everything he shared.”

Wendy Clark


“Mark is truly one of the strongest brand strategists that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from. Phenomenal speaker/presenter and more importantly a true leader . . . someone who can manage and direct a highly complex initiative among a diverse group of individuals with varying objectives and still reach a positive, common goal.”

Jade Cusick

Chief Client Officer, Worldwide Kantar Health

“We requested Mark speak to senior HR Directors of leading Australian brands on the topic of Employer Branding at our Talent Conference. Mark did a terrific job and was highly entertaining and informative. A great teacher of Consumer and Employer Branding.”

Mark Condon, MBA

Leading Digital Transformation in the World of Talent

“Mark is quite simply the best conference speaker/business school lecturer on marketing I have ever heard (and I have heard a great many). He is provocative, challenging, practical, down to earth, funny, sharp, and full of one-liner insights which stick in the mind a long time. His illustrations of the good, mediocre, bad and terrible in marketing are vital for every marketing executive to learn from. I had the privilege to work with him on several programmes at London Business School.”

Patrick Dixon

Chairman Global Change, Founder - Global Innovators

“I don’t often rave about fellow speakers. But Mark Ritson is a fabulous professor and speaker, quickly capturing the imagination and yet conveying practical, tangible strategies and tactics with humour and immense insight. I’ve never seen anyone capture the strategic elements of brand and branding with a strong call for personal accountability in the same way that Mark does.
How do I know this? Well, I worked with Mark on executive education programmes at London Business School, where we worked with demanding managers from dozens of global corporations. Almost every single person we worked with rated Mark the best of the best.
If you want to educate, inform and even inspire your audience – at whatever level, in whatever profession, in any country – call Mark Ritson. Whether you’re looking for a week-long executive education programme or a 1-hour keynote speech, I’m sure Mark will help you the same way he helped me.
But don’t wait too long. I know he gets booked up ages in advance. If you want to ensure your next event is a huge success call him now.”

Steven Sonsino

Leadership Professor, Speaker & Author CEO, Authors Channel

“Thought-provoking, colourful and rigorous in his analysis, Mark is everything you need from a conference speaker. His consensus- busting keynotes at Marketing Week Live have always been brilliantly received and very popular.”

Russell Parsons

Editor, Marketing Week

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