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New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, brand futurist, speaker and founder of the Brand Sense Agency.

Martin Lindstrom is a change agent, brand futurist, speaker and founder of the Brand Sense Agency. Martin is one of the world's premier brand building experts, who has advised some of the top Fortune 100 global companies including Coca-Cola, Nestle and Red Bull on how to build future-proof brands. He has previously been awarded the "TIME Magazine's Worlds 100 Most Influential People". Martin is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of six ground breaking publications on branding including his latest book "SMALL DATA - The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends" published in 2016.

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Background / History

Obsessed with Lego as a boy he was asked onto the advisory board and given his own brick setting his path into the world of products and branding when he was twelve years old.


Despite the many social media bridges to the consumer, Martin feels the corporate world today is only interacting with consumers on a superficial level and he has begun to advocate a more respectful form of marketing.

Martin is the best-selling author of six ground breaking books on brands and consumer behaviour and his latest, SMALL DATA - The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends, it explores human behavior and the psychology behind consumer purchase decision making. His previous book "Brandwashed", is an expos of the psychological tricks and traps that companies use to win our hard-earned money.

In his 2009 book, "Buyology" a New York Times / Wall Street Journal bestseller and "pick of the year" by USA Today - he discusses the subconscious mind and how it plays a major role in deciding what the buyer will purchase.

In 2006 he launched the Brand Sense agency which put into practice his ground breaking vision for a multi sensory branding which goes beyond the visual to involve all the senses. In his book of the same name he reveals that the particular smell of a new car is actually manufactured and that one airline has patented its own cabin scent.

Martin Lindstrom writes frequent articles for TIME Magazine, Harvard Business Review and a column for Fast Company. He has been on NBC's Today show and has appeared on ABC News, SKY, and the BBC. In 2011 he appeared in Morgan Spurlocks movie documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and has been on Americas Next Top Model.

He is the founding partner and Chairman of the Board of Buyology Inc. Hired by global Fortune 100 brands as well as brands that might have lost their way- his unconventional consulting might involve a 48 hour boot camp or time in the field with consumers.

Martin has written more than 1000 articles on branding that have been published in more than 100 countries. He has presented to more than 7 million people on branding across 60 countries and has travelled more than 1 million miles a year.

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Ranked 18 on the Thinkers 50 2015 ranking of Management Thinkers.
  • Creator of the Brandsense agency which markets using all the senses.
  • Champion of the consumer and 'respectful' marketing.

Awards, Accolades, Achievements & Honours

  • Martin Lindstrom is the author of SMALL DATA –The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends, in which he reveals how seemingly insignificant details of human behavior can point a careful observer to the next big brand trend.
  • Selected as "Marketer of the Decade" by the Asian Council of Marketers in 2012.
  • Made Time Magazine's list of World's 100 most influential people in 2009.
  • Author of 6 ground breaking books on branding and consumer behaviour including bestsellers Brandwashed and Buyology.


Martin speaks English and Danish.

Speaking Style

Martin Lindstrom is a passionate story teller who really connects people with his subject - offering a fascinating insight into the tactics of the marketing trade. Lindstrom’s speeches are more shows than lectures, packed with visuals, sounds and amazing videos. Lindstrom appears in the audience as well as on stage, making his style highly engaged, fun, and truly interactive.

Martin Lindstrom is an original thinker and one of the most respected branding gurus in the world, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing. His life's mission has been to bridge the gap between brands and the consumer.

Martin Lindstrom is one of the world’s foremost branding experts and author of Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends. His previous books have been translated into 47 languages and sold well over one million copies. He was selected as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by TIME. In 2016, Thinkers50 named him one of the top 20 business thinkers in the world — for three consecutive years. Since 2013, he has been ranked as the world’s #1 branding expert. His articles appear in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. He advises startups and the who’s who of Fortune 100 companies on branding, communication, consumer psychology, retail, innovation, and transformation. Lindstrom currently hosts Main Street Makeover, a series on NBC’s TODAY show that takes business problems and creates solutions in less than just 24 hours.

Speaking Topics

  • Buy-ology
  • 360 Degree Branding: How To Make It Pay Off
  • Contextual Branding: Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time To The Right Audience In A Cost Effective Way
  • ROI Branding; Why Isn’t My Brand Working?
  • Step 1-2-3 Branding: How To Build A Brand From Scratch
  • Branding 2010: What Can We Expect And What Will Shock Most of Us
  • B2Branding: The Most Cost Effective Way To Turn A Red-Line Into Black
  • Forget BIG Data – Small Data Defines the Future
  • You Can Laugh at Your Brand Challenges, If You Follow This Simple Plan
  • A Look into the Future: The Death of Old School Social Media 
  • I Lived with 2,109 Consumers Over the Past 3,650 Days and Discovered the Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends
  • Our Unconscious World and Why We Press Harder on the Remote Control When the Batteries Are Dead
  • A Little Mistake that Jeopardize the Future of Your Business 


"If you buy products, you need to read this book. It's really that simple." - Tom Rath, New York Times Bestselling author of StrengthFinder 2.0 and How Full is Your Bucket

"I've only read two business books from cover to cover in the last five years: Buyology and Brandwashed. It is no coincidence that Martin Lindstrom is the author of both of those books. Brandwashed is smart, thought-provoking, and laugh out loud funny." -Steven Levitt, bestselling author of Freakonomics

“He is INCREDIBLE! I could listen to him for hours and enjoy every electrifying, mind-blowing minute.” -Josephine Vaccaro, President, Jenny Craig

“He keeps the audience at the edge of the seat during the entire session with humor, relevance and theatrics! Thoroughly enjoyable hours!” -VineetChhabra, EVPand COO, United Spirits

“A thought thought-provoking, witty and highly relevant presentation brought to life by an excellent speaker.” - Tim Landucci, Marketing director, Cambridge Jude Business School, Cambridge

“Made us all think!” - Pinar Alver, MEA Business, Microsoft

“Eye-opening. One of the best presentations, with the most original content, I have seen in years” - Joe Little, Vice President Government Affairs, CBS Outdoor

"BRAND sense breaks new ground with an insightful view of how marketing to all five senses can transform the way you build your brands." - ANDRE LACROIX, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Euro Disney

“CLICKS, BRICKS & BRANDS -Innovative and novel approach to 21stcentury writing –a virtual must read.” - GEORGE VRADENBURG, Senior Vice President III Time Warner
"BRAND sense is a wake-up call for all marketers who still believe that strong brand and demand communications only need appeal to what we see and not what we hear, smell, taste and touch!“ - PETER WEEDFALD, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung

Books By Martin Lindstrom

SMALL DATA - The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends

Buyology: The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Brand Sense: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy

  • BRANDchild Edition 1 (2002)
  • Clicks, Bricks & Brands (2001)
  • Brand Building on the Internet (1999)
  • Why Trade Marketing? (1994)

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