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Mehmet Öğütçü

International authority on energy

Mehmet Öğütçü has a 30 year plus track-record of success in government, international organisations such as NATO, IEA and OECD, banking, diplomacy and the energy business. Currently chairman of Global Resources Partnership and Bosphorus Energy Club, and independent non-executive director on the boards of Genel Energy plc, Sisecam Group plc and Saudi Crown Holding, Mehmet is a sought after speaker with a wide breath of knowledge and experience.

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Bucharest Forum Energy 2015 Part 1
Bucharest Forum Energy 2015 Part 2
Chairman, Bosphorus Energy Club

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About Mehmet Öğütçü

Mehmet Öğütçü also serves on the international advisory boards of Invensys plc, Windsor Energy Group, The Oil Council, European Policy Forum and Beijing Energy Club. He is the special envoy for Asia-Pacific for Energy Charter based in Brussels. He was recently nominated by the Turkish government for the secretary-general position of International Energy Forum, the world’s largest energy organisation based in Riyadh.

Previous positions that Mehmet has held include:

  • Head of OECD's Global Forum on International investment
  • Principal administrator for Asia-Pacific and Latin America at International Energy Agency
  • Turkish diplomat in Ankara, Beijing, Brussels and Paris
  • Deputy inspector at Is Bankasi, Turkey's largest private bank
  • NATO Research Fellow
  • EU’s Jean Monnet Fellow
  • Advisor to the late Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal

Mehmet studied international relations at the prestigious Political Sciences Faculty in Turkey completing his MSc degree in International Economy at London School of Economics (LSE) and his MA in European Studies at College d’Europe in Bruges.

He teaches occasionally at LSE, University of Dundee and Harvard University on energy geopolitics, competitiveness, and investment for development.

Speaking Topics

  • Energy, investment and geopolitics: what they mean for business and governments?
  • What does the future hold for us in technology, management, politics, and values, with 2050 as reference case?
  • "Quality" investment: expectations for it to happen and generate win-win benefits
  • Business diplomacy: a practitioner’s view
  • Turkey’s energy, financial and geopolitical outreach/risks
  • China’s quest worldwide for energy security
  • Succession scenarios for central asia and middle east leadership
  • Combining pleasure and work in travelling - personal reflections from a "global nomad"
  • Life and job recommendations for young graduates and professionals
  • Islam and the west: how can we bridge the gap?
  • Towards a low-carbon future
  • The future prospects for natural gas and nuclear in world energy
  • Are renewables a panacea?
  • How can the EU get out of the current impasse towards closer union?


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