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Otmar Issing

One of Europe's most influential economic voices and expert on the Euro.

One of the principal architects of the Euro, he is a former European Central Bank chief economist, former member of the German Bundesbank and head of the economic advisory group appointed by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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About Otmar Issing

  • Germany's most influential economic thinker.
  • One of the founding fathers of the Euro.
  • Chief Economist, The European Central Bank (1998-06),
  • Author of the timely book, "How we save the euro and strengthen Europe".

Speaking Style

Otmar Issing speaks with huge authority and insight about how Europe has arrived where it is today and the challenges lie ahead.

Speaking Topics

  • Europe
  • Monetary policy
  • Germany - land of opportunities?
  • Can the Euro be saved?


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Books By Otmar Issing

  • How we save the euro and strengthen Europe (2012)
  • The Euro - Birth - Success - Future (2008)
  • Introduction to the theory of money (2011)
  • Introduction to Monetary Policy (1996)
  • German foreign payments. The public transmissions of the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular the net contributions to the EC, as a problem of economic policy (1991)
  • Investment control in a market economy? (1997)
  • Smaller property (1997)
  • Minorities in the field of tension between market and regulation: Marginalia from a theoretical and historical perspective (1991)

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