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Peggy Liu

Expert on sustainability, Chair and co-founder of the Joint US-China Collaboration on Energy (JUCCCE).

A global authority on China's energy landscape and future sustainability, Peggy Liu is known for her dedication to helping China become a 'greener' country and for fostering sustainable collaborations between China and other countries. As co-founder and chairperson of the not-for-profit Joint-US China Collaboration on Energy (JUCCCE) and as a speaker, she seeks to educate and inspire organisations the world over to consider the environmental and human impact of their activities.

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About Peggy Liu

  • Expert on sustainability
  • Chairperson and co-founder of the Joint-US China Collaboration on Energy (JUCCCE)
  • Executive advisor on sustainable retail to Marks & Spencer
  • Exceptional keynote speaker

Speaking Style

Passionate about a sustainable future for us all, Peggy Liu is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker who both motivates and educates her audience.

Speaking Topics

  • Powering the Future
  • China's rise in energy use
  • Energy fuels the growth of nations
  • Smart Grids


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