Peter Anderton

Discovery Expert, High Performance Team Engineer, Founder of Internal Alignment and keynote speaker.

Peter Anderton is a Discovery Expert, Founder of Internal Alignment, High Performance Team Engineer and TEDx speaker. He is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and Chartered Engineer.

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About Peter Anderton

Peter is a Discovery Expert, Founder of Internal Alignment, High Performance Team Engineer, keynote and TEDx speaker. He is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and Chartered Engineer.

With 15 years of experience in the speaker and training industry, Peter has a strong corporate background. He is also an expert in guiding people to re-evaluate and strip back the noise and complexity that has buried leadership over the last few years.

Peter has immersed his life in transformation, from the stories he read as a child to his habit of buying houses in ever increasing states of disrepair in order to restore and transform them.

A creator of events, masterclasses, programmes and reinventing companies and leaders worldwide, Peter has a unique connection working with many globally renowned and inspirational companies.

As a speaker, he is full of energy, challenging, insightful, refreshingly honest, open and direct. His keynote presentations will open your eyes and unlock the need to know strategies and secrets that will boost your results.

Speaking Topics

  • Why there are ONLY two rules of leadership
  • The single biggest predictor of consistently high performing teams
  • How to spot and avoid THE worst recruitment mistake you could ever make
  • When conflict is good news and how you can channel it to accelerate change
  • How training fleas can teach you a sobering lesson on leadership!


"Peter is very engaging and fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled." - Zoe Dickson, Director, Global Talent Pipeline, 3M

"Whether it’s an audience of 20 or 200, he engages the room with energy, humour and passion for his subject. Participants rave about him and he has evaluated brilliantly." - Anna O’Kane, NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy

"I’ve had 16 years of leadership in the military, 7 years of leadership in business. This is probably the best explanation of leadership I have heard" - Carl Benfield, MD, Prescient Power Ltd

"Peter spoke at a major event we hosted at the Houses of Parliament. Peter was an outstanding speaker, delivering excellent content in a concise, valuable and highly entertaining way. He quickly engaged the audience, and had them fully absorbed by the content and delivery of his keynote. Perhaps most importantly, the message was clear and he made a potentially complex subject very easy to digest. Peter added real value to our event, and the thought-provoking messages left the audience very satisfied indeed. I would have no hesitation in using Peter again in the future and would thoroughly recommend his services." - Dr. Andrew Mint, CEO, PPMA Group of Associations

"Peter kicked off TEDxDerby with a truly fantastic and inspiring talk." - Helen Clark, TEDx Derby
"I was delighted to have Peter come and speak at our conference and exhibition. Not an easy task opening the event and speaking to over 120 delegates at 7.30 am in the morning. Peter was a very informative speaker who explained things in an entertaining and helpful way. He was perfect and would definitely have him back again to speak. Next time for much longer." - Carole Black‬‬‬, Best Business Events Ltd
"I am delighted to have the opportunity to write in support of Peter because he really does live and breathe the values he promotes. He is an enormously positive presence whose sessions are filled with energy, challenge and insight. He is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly skilled in facilitating learning which is fun as well as being highly effective. Peter is absolutely focused on getting the best from people to ensure they continue to grow. Time with Peter is time very well spent. You will see and feel the difference immediately as you work with him to realise your full potential." - Sue Evans, President, Public Sector People Managers Association Ltd
"I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peter, he is a highly skilled facilitator, trainer and coach and will work with you to make changes that will deliver results." - Paul Cook, Managing Director at Trelleborg Industrial Tyres UK, Gloucester
"Peter is one of the most skilled faciliators that I have ever worked with. He has the ability to interact at all levels of an organisation with credibility and clarity. Like all truly skilled people, Peter makes the complex and challenging look simple. If your organisation needs to change (and you want to take everybody with you) then I strongly recommend Peter." - Andrew D. Garland, Managing Director at Lantor (UK) Ltd, Leicester
"In terms of coaching, facilitation and leading organisation change. He is very engaging, fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled and has very strong process capability." - Zoe Dickson, Director, Global Talent Pipeline at 3M, Minneapolis
"There is no doubt we have become much stronger as a Corporate Leadership Team since working with Peter. We have gained a real sense of connection as a team and now engage in far more open and constructive debate than ever before. As a direct result, we are significantly more productive, have a clear and shared focus on the right things and are much more consistent in our approach outside the team. And it’s already making a significant impact across the Council, as both Officers and Councillors are seeing the difference. Most importantly, our own shift in behaviour is being reflected in colleagues from the next tier working in an exceptionally collegiate way to really deliver on corporate projects. In just under 6 months, Peter has helped transform the way our Corporate Leadership Team works and I would highly recommend him to any organisation who needs a stronger, more impactful and more effective leadership team." - Ian Curryer, Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council
"Thank you for running such an impactful and engaging programme. I don’t think I’ve ever been to anything else where the lessons are still fresh and at the front of my mind a year on, or which has had such a huge benefit (professional and personal). Late last year I was promoted into a much bigger role. I’m now Vice President for information security across our European businesses and I’ve had requests to act as a mentor for colleagues. I don’t think I’d have gotten this opportunity without the changes I made following working with you." - David Rimmer, Vice President, European Security at Equifax

"Peter’s speaking style is awesome and delivery flawless and the impact of his inspirational messages long-lasting! I would recommend him for any small or large group development sessions without hesitation." - Ania Hildrey‬‬‬, Headteacher

"Peter has a unique style, very engaging but also suitably challenging. He understands his audience and can read the room adapting both style and content "on the hoof" to achieve the desired result. When you know Peter is at the helm of a project, you can be sure it will deliver. I want to thank Peter for his help and support, I know that I have grown as a leader and I owe him a debt of gratitude." - Mary Anstice, Country Technical Manager 3M (UK), Loughborough

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