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Philip Gimmack

CEO, lead facilitator and executive coach in emotional intelligence development

Philip Gimmack Biography

Philip specialises in introducing or deepening emotional intelligence ideas and skills in thought-provoking and powerful ways.

Philip has a way of using simple yet poignant language, humour and imagery to connect quickly and fully with his audiences. His easy yet highly engaging style inspires people to think differently and sparks new thinking and imagination in ways few speakers do.

He is a leader in Emotional Intelligence development and receives exceptional feedback as both facilitator and motivational speaker. Combining 25 years of change-management and psychological experience gives him unique perspectives on how businesses and people work better, together. He develops people and teams focusing strongly on high performance and leadership.

Philip is certified as an NLP Psychotherapist in 1998, is a certified professional coach, licensed to test and coach using the EQ-i 2.0 / A.R.T psychometric instruments. He also designed the innovative emotional intelligence assessment, The A.R.T., a highly insightful psychometric tool for building communication and relationship skills.

Motivational Speaker

Philip’s talks range from 30 minutes to full training courses over several days!

As a motivational speaker he has a way of helping people think and feel differently so they can personally grow and perform better. He helps them engage and communicate more powerfully in areas such as coaching skills, emotional intelligence, building resilience, employee engagement and leadership. His is a very real, from the ground up, interaction around emotions and their importance that applies to everyone and with minimal jargon.

Focusing strongly on leadership, he empowers with his thought-provoking keynotes.  They are aimed at self-empowerment, are fun and stimulate new ways of thinking.

Philip helps to focus on what’s important, to re-focus and encourage bolder, more authentic behaviours and the building of powerful self-belief.

His talks re-enforce the belief that all performance starts with personal leadership and responsibility and uses an emotionally intelligent view of leadership to focus on exactly what skills and behaviours someone needs to make the greatest difference to their performance.

As an experienced change management consultant he has a deep appreciation of organisations, their people and how they work best together.


High Performing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Programme

What is a leadership programme?

At their best, leadership programmes uncover, align and develop the values and goals of their organisation. Programmes should be intelligently designed with a series of activities that build the required skills and culture through personal and social skills development.

To us intelligence means choosing the component based on science not hunches. Our statistically backed profiling of your people /team allows for this efficient programme design so it’s more likely to succeed. We take the guesswork out of what to spend time and resources on. EQ skills measure performance proven to correlate to success and leadership, that’s why our programmes are designed around EQ. We can reveal a graphical representation of how you and your people currently work together (based on science). This reveals, amongst many other useful things, what to develop and the impact this development will have.

This is why our ‘emotionally intelligent’ leadership programmes are so powerful. We test, uncover and develop the skills that matter most to you. Our EQ profiling techniques uncover the specific EQ components and dynamics that tell you exactly how to unlock individual and team performance. This is quite different to say, personality tests and many other psychometric assessments, which neither measure nor correlate to high performance. That’s why we say EQ works.

What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (measured by an emotional quotient (EQ)) is having awareness of our emotions, their meaning and being able to appropriately manage and express emotions in order to effectively lead oneself. This enables us to build relationships, adapt to change and make better decisions.

EQ skills sit firmly at the heart of effective leadership because EQ facilitates the key areas of self-leadership. Research reflects that up to 80% of success in a leadership role relates to underlying EQ skills. This should not be surprising when we understand that emotions drive our awareness and facilitate our values and behaviours. EQ development naturally builds all-round human performance and well-being. Ask us to share specific case studies where differing skills and competencies were required to be built.

EQ programmes work for all

EQ organisations are more efficient, effective and happier places to work.
Embedding EQ as a culture feeds through from behaviours to processes and will be felt from employees to suppliers and to customers. High EQ means emotional maturity – It’s the way we were meant to be.

EQ personal development is wholly practical, though you’ll learn helpful theory and psychological tools too. We help you clarify what’s most important; your goals, motivators, issues, blocks, strengths and development needs. We uncover the performance criteria you wish your development to be measured by. We then help you align and balance the emotional intelligence components that best serve your goals.

Is EQ a better measure of performance than IQ?

As a matter of fact, yes. Research over 30 years shows that IQ has virtually no correlation to well-being, happiness or success, whereas EQ is correlated to these. In fact, the more performance is demanded of a role the more EQ affects this performance. EQ profiling actually allows us to uncover the exact EQ skills that work best for specific roles. And unlike IQ or personality testing, EQ skills can be also built.

The EQworks X-Factor

Because we use not one but two profound emotional intelligence assessments, our insights around your EQ are second to none. They’re more profound, are broader and go deeper. Unlike most EQ specialists we go into granular detail on social and relationship skills in particular, which most EQ assessments simply aren’t designed to do. We’ve been coaching people on their EQ since 2003 and when our clients tell us their experiences are life-changing we know we’re hitting the mark.

Typical programmes

Programme elements may include; a needs analysis process, interviewing-surveying employees, EQ skills testing, executive coaching and facilitated training modules. Programmes are designed to reflect both organisational and personal goals, working hand-in-hand. Programmes may be run over many months and include facilitation/training modules from ½ to 5 days in length.

Typical areas of development focus are;

Business agility, communication skills, delegation, relationship building, stake-holder engagement, culture development, resilience, dealing well with change, difficult conversations, stress management and conflict mitigation. More detailed EQ development areas are noted at the end of this document.

Philip Gimmack Videos

Testimonials for Philip Gimmack

Coaching programme feedback: “I have been hugely impressed by Philip’s understanding of me, the ways he’s managed to push me to address the things I need to… Overall the most incredible thing – for which I am profoundly grateful – is that over a short period of time I have really seen the impact of our work in my ability to function successfully at work – especially in those areas I really wanted to address. I can hardly believe how massive that impact has been, and it’s been repeatedly noted and commented on (in good ways and unprompted) by colleagues. I will look back on this work as a turning point in my professional life, I think.” 
Jonathan M

Director, Dept of Education

“I believe I am very self-aware and yet the session has opened my eyes to being more conscious of listening to how I actually feel. I recognise I ned to pay much greater attention to this and develop this going forward. Great session. Most useful of the whole event.”

Reb F


The seminar about personal resilience and personal responsibility was excellent. Philip Gimmack had a good approach with the audience.”


The Network Chairman , HMRC

Coaching programme feedback: “Phil has been coaching me for the last 3 years. He has made an enormous difference in how I approach work, from how well I work with my stakeholders, to knowing what’s important to me. I have developed considerably in my awareness, leadership skills and how I deal with people and challenging situations. The challenge Phil gives me makes me focus on what’s important. All of the interventions we have discussed and worked on are very doable, and I am able to do this during a very hectic work schedule. You must give it a go. You won’t regret it. 

Director, Deutsche Bank

“Great insights into improving and developing my personal leadership style. Understanding better the balance of taking time out when necessary to remain calm. Thank you!” 

J D.

Communications, Cabinet Office

“Philip, you deserve a huge thank you! you worked very hard for us and your delivery was excellent. I really enjoyed your session on Personal Resilience ….. ..very appropriate!” 

Harrylynne Coleman

Ministry Of Justice, Shared Services Programme

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