Rachael Robertson

Rachael Robertson

Team leader who successfully led a year-long expedition to Antarctica.

Rachael Robertson is Australia's most popular female speaker and a best-selling author who has an inspirational tale of leadership in one of the most unforgiving places in the world.

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Drawing on incredible experiences, often with great humour, Rachael Robertson makes the perfect motivational and leadership speaker for both keynote spots at conferences and after-dinner speeches. 

Rachael spent fifteen years as a team leader in various industries before taking the opportunity to become the youngest and only the second woman to lead the 58th annual expedition to Antarctica. The role was not easy: Rachael was on duty as the leader every day of the year, working in gruelling conditions that many of us can only imagine. She brings this experience to life in her speeches, giving us practical, down-to-earth tips on how to deal with every-day situations in a leadership role. 

Rachael has spoken before a wide variety of industries from pharmaceutical to finance, mining and construction to hospitality and health. 

Davis Station, Antarctica

Davis Station is the most southerly Australian Antarctic station and is home to 120 expeditioners over summer and 18 over winter. The station is used for a number of scientific projects, including seal studies, penguin studies, the biology of the lakes and water in the area and geological surveys. The expeditioners also go on field trips and survival training. As an expedition leader, Rachael directed the core of 18, keeping them safe and able to do their work in the harshest and most hostile environment on earth. She was also required to manage the summer visitors and ensure the safe delivery of research programmes as well as keep the facilities working. 

Speaking Topics

Leading on the edge

This keynote explores how great leaders build and invest in those around them and turn "moments into momentum" by paying attention to the little things. This is all about showing big leadership in small moments. 

Future. Woman. Leader.

In this keynote, Rachael outlines the key personal mantras, commitments and career tools that every woman must use to progress effectively. Perfect for both women's and mixed events.

365 shades of white

A hilarious and compelling account of Rachael's time leading up to 120 people in the remotest corner of the earth for a year. Hear about "life in the freezer", the plane crash, how "the bacon war" nearly derailed a $20m science programme and other unique stories.

The future of teamwork

Today's and future teams are very different from what they once were. Now we come together quickly, remotely and are expected to perform immediately. In this keynote, Rachael uncovers the critical tools she uses to quickly create cohesion, purpose and resilience in teams. 

Change is the new business as usual

In this keynote, Rachael provides the tools to navigate this world of flux that dominates business today. Self-leadership, resilience, and persistence are the keys to succeeding in a world of seemingly constant change. 

Remote and dangerous

Workplace health and safety insights from the harshest, coldest, most isolated workplace on earth. Rachael recounts how she kept her team safe and sane through the long, dark, Antarctic winter by building a culture of safety leadership. 


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