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Rasmus Ankersen

Best-selling author, entrepreneur and global keynote speaker.

A leading global keynote speaker on developing high performance and fighting organisational complacency, Rasmus Ankersen has received rave reviews from international audiences.

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Bestselling author, entrepreneur and speaker on performance development, Rasmus Ankersen is a trusted advisor to the world's leading corporations and most talented athletes.

Applying the logic of professional gambling to leadership might not strike you as obvious, but Rasmus Andersen is no ordinary thinker. Currently running two football teams with the assistance of data and machine learning, he is also a provocative thinker on human performance. When he became curious about why certain towns and cities produced so many top athletes, he decided to find out himself, venturing from Africa to Korea, in search of the secrets of talent clusters. Those experiences became his bestselling book, ‘The Goldmine Effect’. More recently, in ‘Hunger in Paradise’, he explored why success can be the undoing of companies, even at the peak of their powers.

Rasmus explores what might really drive talent and high performance in the 21st century.

In 2012 Rasmus published his first book The Gold Mine Effect in which he explored how certain countries and cities develop a disproportionate amount of top talent.

In 2016 Rasmus published Hunger in Paradise, dealing with how organisations can remain successful by eliminating complacency.

The chairman of FC Midtjylland, his childhood football club in Denmark and a director of the English club Brentford FC, Rasmus has played a key role in helping both develop a reputation as two of the world’s most innovative football clubs, recognised especially for their use of big data to drive decision-making.

Over the past few years, Rasmus has been hired to share his research on high performance cultures by global brands like LEGO, Google, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA, Google, Facebook, Hitachi, Roche, Ernst & Young and many more.

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  • Hunger in Paradise
  • The Gold Mine Effect


"Rasmus is a brilliant speaker and we've had rave feedback. He is a genuinely pleasant clever guy." - Karen Boswell, MD and IOD director for the year, East Coast

"Time with Rasmus is time well spent if you're serious about challenging assumptions, facing taboos and having a different dialogue." - Caroline Kitcher, HR Director TUI UK & Ireland TUI

"Our sales force gave Rasmus the best feedback that they've ever given a speaker before. He really nailed it" - SAP

"Rasmus has consistently been rated as one of the best speakers to take the stage at Google events. Importantly, he was able to draw on wide range of experiences and stories that resonated with a particularly diverse audience, which is often one of the most challenging aspects when searching for inspirational key note speakers." - Graeme Standing, Google UK

"Without doubt one of the best keynotes we have ever had in the 12 years the conference has been running." - Peter Elliott, Director of Operations, English Institute of Sport

"Rasmus exceeded expectations receiving the best speaker evaluations seen in Management Events’ six years history. In the last two evaluations Rasmus received the highest score possible - 5 points from every single delegate." - Peter Rosenkilde, Country Manager, Management Events

"Rasmus delivered an excellent speech about leadership and high performance. It was very insightful, and the feedback has served to confirm the success of our event. Much of this has to be attributed to Rasmus' invaluable contribution" - Boris FJ Collardi, CEO, Julius Bär

"Rasmus is a truly fascinating man with a real insight into high performance both for individuals and teams. Rasmus is not just about theory. His lessons are rooted in real hard field research." - Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup winning coach

"Rasmus is not just an exciting and compelling speaker. He also created real impact with his speech for our senior leaders" - Peter Giørtz-Carlsen, Executive Vice President, Arla Foods

"Rasmus delivered the best presentation ever in a partner and directors meeting" - Håvard S. Abrahamsen, CEO / Territory Senior Partner, PWC

"Rasmus digs deep with insight and experience capturing knowledge that is easily shared and hopefully applied, foolish if it's not!" - Ben Roberts, Global Talent Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Rasmus was a huge hit on the day. Overall his keynote had a massively positive impact." - Claire Bailey, What If Innovation

"From Rasmus you don’t just get theories, you get concrete tools working in the real world. He is the ultimate coach." - Casper Stylsvig, Global Sponsorship Director, Manchester United

"Regardless of where you are in your business cycle the timing of his lecture is always right, the findings of his studies are always relevant and the way it will change your view on how to act to safe guard your businesses is very simple and mindblowing! Listen to him before it is to late!" - Stefan Lorentzson Senior Vice President, Communications Volvo Group Trucks Operations

"Time with Rasmus is time well spent if you're serious about challenging assumptions, facing taboos and having a different dialogue." - Caroline Kitcher, HR Director TUI UK & Ireland TUI

"Rasmus Ankersen truly knows how to evoke the innovation spirit in people." - Susanne Kapfer, SAP Global Corporate Affairs EMEA North

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