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Conference audiences are fascinated by the future because it affects their lives, their jobs, their wealth, and their welfare. And the future is a topic that fits every conference and intrigues everyone in your organization. That’s why Richard Worzel, Chartered Financial Analyst, best-selling author, and one-of-a-kind futurist and innovation specialist, is in demand as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant.

Richard makes compelling keynote speeches that will set the table at the start of your conference, or end it with a bang. He leads stimulating workshops that range from a couple of hours to days or even months of strategic planning. And he can help you plan and prepare to turn tomorrow’s uncertainty into a competitive advantage.



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What’s a Futurist?
What’s a Futurist?
There Is a Cost for Making the Wrong Decision About the Future
There Is a Cost for Making the Wrong Decision About the Future
Mother Nature’s Bills Always Get Paid
Mother Nature’s Bills Always Get Paid
What Will We the Costs of Self-Driving Cars? And Who Pays?
What Will We the Costs of Self-Driving Cars? And Who Pays?
Standard Life

The only thing we could have done better was to have invited you to speak sooner!

Caudwell Wingate

This is the third time we've used Richard's services ... I very much doubt we would have been able to accomplish anywhere near as much without Richard's guidance.

Motorola Solutions, Las Vegas

Your presentation fit perfectly with what we've been trying to put forward to our selling partners

Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

We're still getting rave reviews about your keynote! I have worked with countless speakers in my 15 years of experience, and I can say that it's rare to encounter a presenter willing to customize as you did.

IMAX Corporation

We invited and almost challenged you to speak about Global Trends and excite and motivate a group of veteran International Marketing Representatives, but with your engaging delivery and extremely impressive visuals you certainly rose to the occasion and surpassed our requirements!

World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, Orlando

What sets you apart from most professional speakers is your willingness to learn about our industry and to work with us through two sets of revisions to your talk. It's almost unheard of for a speaker to take such pains, and we appreciated it.

Endurance Insurance & Reinsurance

You not only met but clearly exceeded our always high expectations for this select client event. Where will we find another speaker capable of following your act?

Edge, Miami Beach

The session itself was nothing short of our most successful retreat to date. The audience was so engaged in the discussion [that] they asked Richard to return after lunch for another hour and to join the group for dinner on Saturday night.

Integral Wealth Securities

For the first time in the history of our event, every single [prospective client] contacted us to make an appointment.


Richard provided cleverly steered, thought-provoking insights into the future that captivated the audience, able to make connections with not only the global banking economy but also our Hollywood theme. ... HSBC was thrilled and I wouldn't hesitate to use Richard again.

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