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Robert Kelsey

Former city banker and journalist

Robert Kelsey Biography

Works with students, employers, employees and colleagues, management, women, men and entrepreneurs to help provide motivation talks and inspiration with a can-do attitude.

During a ten year period, Robert Kelsey read as many self-books as he could get his hands on in the hope of being able to find the answer to his low self-esteem, the cause of his fear of failure

When reading, he discovered that these so called self-help books all lacked certain things; honesty and programmes for progress

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B) £5,000 to £10,000





Robert Kelsey‘s Topics

Fear of failure

Understanding what holds us back, how to accept who we are and how to navigate the barriers we throw in our path


Setting goals, calculating a strategy and executing tactics. A clear framework for progress


Strong leadership requires the opposite traits to achieving seniority. This is about true leadership in the modern workplace

Starting a business

The motives for starting a business, and the process of taking those first steps towards developing a growing and sustainable business, as well as the steps to avoid


Developing high achievement motivation in individuals and teams by avoiding the pitfalls of our fears and insecurities


How to set long-term goals that are based on our true-values and connect to our immediate actions

Managing people

How to cope with difficult people, whether they are your senior, subordinate or colleague

Embracing failure

Reframing failure and how to use failure to drive success (every successful person does it!)


Explaining low self-esteem and reframing its traits and consequences


Challenging the false image of the entrepreneur and looking at the real requirements for going it alone

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