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Robert Mundell

The Nobel Prize winning economist hailed as the “Father of the Euro”

Robert Mundell: Biography highlights

Currently University Professor at Columbia University and Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Robert A. Mundell is a Nobel Prize-winning economist who is known for his work concerning optimum currency areas and monetary dynamics. His work relating to European monetary integration has led to him being known as the ‘father’ of the Euro and it is easy to understand why he is in such demand as a speaker and lecturer all over the world.

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Robert Mundell’s achievements

  • Winner of the 1999 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
  • University Professor at Columbia University in New York
  • Creator of the theory of Optimum Currency Areas, the Mundell-Fleming model and Mundell-Tobin effect

Speaking Style

Experienced and knowledgeable yet warm and human, Mundell is both educational and inspirational, providing invaluable insight to audiences from all sectors.


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Nobel Economist Mundell: Add Renminbi to IMF Reserve
Nobel Economist Mundell: Add Renminbi to IMF Reserve

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