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Robert Winston

Professor, doctor, politician, author and presenter.

Internationally known for his knowledge concerning reproductive medicine and matters concerning fertility and associated treatments, Lord Robert Winston has become one of the best-known scientists and medical doctors of a generation. Famous for his television work and for his many books, Winston is determined to share his knowledge; he is currently Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London and also works as a speaker, one who is sought after in numerous sectors.

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About Robert Winston

  • Professor and scientist
  • Medical doctor
  • Politician
  • Author
  • Television presenter

Speaking Style

Covering a variety of intriguing topics and speaking from a wealth of experience, Robert Winston's common-sense approach, warmth and humour make him a popular choice on the speaking circuit.

Speaking Topics

  • Laundering Genes: Where next with genetics?
  • Innovation in Genetic Research
  • Human Body and Super Human
  • Investment Needs for Medicine in the New Millenium
  • Technology and Medicine in Y2K


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Books By Robert Winston

  • Human (2005)
  • What Makes Me Me (2005)
  • A Child Against All Odds (2006)
  • It's Elementary (2007)
  • Play It Again (2007)
  • Evolution Revolution (2009)
  • Bad Ideas? (2010)
  • What Goes On in My Head? (2010)
  • Science Experiments (2011)
  • The Story of God (2005)
  • That?s Life (2012)
  • Science Year by Year (2013)
  • Reversibility of Female Sterilization (1978)
  • Tubal Infertility (1981)
  • Infertility - a sympathetic approach (1985)
  • Getting Pregnant (1989)
  • Making Babies (1996)
  • The IVF Revolution (1999)
  • Superhuman" (2000)
  • Human Instinct (2003)
  • The Human Mind (2004)
  • Body (2005)

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