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Shefali Oza

An award winning BBC Television presenter and journalist

Shefali Oza: Biography highlights

She has been one of the main anchors of the news programme, Midlands Today, and began her career in television as the programme’s first-ever weather presenter in 1993 after giving up a career in law.

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Full biography of Shefali Oza

Shefali Oza’s background

In addition to presenting the news and weather, she has reported for Countryfile on BBC2 and Watchdog Daily on BBC1 as well as for the BBC’s regional current affairs series, Inside Out.

Shefali was also the first-ever civilian female to have spent a week on a nuclear submarine, HMS Splendid, and was voted Journalist of the Year 2010 at the Asian Political and Public Life Awards

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BBC Midlands Today with Shefali Oza 16th November 2014
BBC Midlands Today with Shefali Oza 16th November 2014

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