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Best-selling author, entrepreneur, digital customer focus expert and speaker.

Steven van Belleghem is the author of three best-selling books, an entrepreneur, a digital customer focus expert and speaker. Steven became known for his first book "The Conversation Manager" which won an innovative marketing award in 2010. He is also a partner in consultancy firm Nexxworks, co-founder of Zembro and the co-founder of Snackbytes.

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Steven van Belleghem speaker, talks about "Dealing with increasing customer expectations" | Mar 2017
Steven van Belleghem speaker, talks about "Customers the day after tomorrow" | Feb 2017
Steven van Belleghem speaker, talks about "When digital becomes human" | Mar 2017

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About Steven van Belleghem

Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relationships and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world.

Steven recently wrote a book ‘When Digital becomes HUMAN’, and he can bring us the topic on how our business/ industry will evolve in the future, the ‘Client relationship of the future’ – ‘The Human Touch – How people love people, and not algorithms’. This actually means that companies who know how to make a difference with a more ‘human touch’, will gain the hearts of their clients.

Digital transformation alone is not enough, organisations need to be looking at human transformation as they develop their customer and employee engagement strategy.
In a world of self-service, customer automation and the integration of online and offline customer service, ensuring that you get the balance right in your digital and a human customer service is the key to survival.
Our recent survey* to 24,000 consumers across 12 countries, reveals that:

  • If the task is simple, 64% of consumers will choose digital channels
  • 79% of consumers want the human touch to remain a part of customer service
  • 74% don’t like dealing with a company that doesn’t have a phone number on its website

He is a partner in consultancy firm Nexxworks, co-founder of Zembro (a wearable start-up) and the co-founder of Snackbytes a content creation company. He spent the first twelve years of his career as a consultant and managing partner of InSites Consulting, an innovative market research company.

Steven is also a part-time marketing professor at Vlerick Business School.

As a speaker he is enthusiastic and inspiring and in his presentations takes his audience on a journey to the modern world of customer relationships.

Speaking Topics

  • When Digital becomes Human - About the transformation of customer relationships 
  • Customers the Day after Tomorrow - Winning customers in a world of AI, bots and automation


"Steven is a regular keynote speaker at our events & every time his performance is an absolute highlight. He has a very unique & authentic style: leveraging a combination of academic depth and well-reasoned cases, he spices up his presentations with a great sense of humor."  - Anthony Belpaire, Google

"I contacted Steven a year and a half ago because I needed a good speaker for my most important event. He came to my event and not only gave a great presentation but also connected with the audience in a very special way. The audience were glued to their seats and hungry for more. I really recommend him." - Paola Cabrera Magaña, Communications Manager

"Steven is a frequent speaker at Rabobank. We really like the energy and humor he brings to the presentation of meaningful content. His view on customer centricity in a digital world is truly innovative and his presentations pack one hell of a punch." - Wiebe Draijer, CEO Rabobank

"Steven’s presentation had our dealers spellbound. He gave our organization a digital wake-up call with great humor and now a new world with exciting perspectives is waiting to be discovered." - Steve Vanslype Manager Marketing & Communication Vans, Mercedes-Benz

Books By Steven van Belleghem

  • Customers the Day After Tomorrow (released Nov 2017)
  • When Digital becomes Human
  • The Conversation Company
  • The Conversation Manager

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