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Thomas Frey

Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey is Google's Top Rated futurist speaker.

Visionary who is revolutionising thinking and future. Internationally renowned futurist Thomas Frey is able to help organisations around the world predict changes in trends and technologies, allowing them to plan strategies in advance. The author of the successful Communicating with the Future, Frey has advised businesses of all types and sizes.

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A popular speaker, the clarity of Frey's message is due to his focus on reality-based thinking and a knowledge of potential advancements, also taking into account changes in demand and culture.
  • Futurist
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute
  • Author of Communicating with the Future

Speaking Style

Highlighting the importance of spotting future opportunities and preparing for them now, Frey's talks are essential listening for all industries.

Speaking Topics

  • The Future of Nanotechnology
  • The Future of Libraries
  • Ten Key Trends for Women
  • Dimensions of Human Connectedness
  • Eight Future Technologies & Customized Programs
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future of Business
  • Will We Ever have an Efficient Commute?
  • Global Trends and the New Innovation Landscape


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Books By Thomas Frey

Communicating with the Future: How Re-engineering Intentions Will Alter the Master Code of Our Future (2011)

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