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Wim Kok

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and European statesman.

Wim Kok is an experienced European Statesman and politician. He was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1994-2002 he has a deep knowledge of global social, political and economic issues.

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About Wim Kok

A former trade union leader he is now President of the Club of Madrid - a top level organization which promotes democracy and change in the global community."What I aim to do is make society worth the bother for as many people as possible" Wim Kok.
  • Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1994-2002)
  • EU advisor
  • President of the world leaders Club of Madrid Member of the International Crisis Group

Speaking Style

Wim Kok is a respected global statesman with a great deal of knowledge to share whether he is talking about European economics or the digital future for democracy - he is fascinating to listen to.
Wim Kok is a veteran European politician and a highly skilled negotiator, coordinator and facilitator. As well as holding high office as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands he has also been head of his country's largest trade union federation and so has seen things from both sides of the fence. As finance minister in the early 1990s he had to take tough actions, making cuts in runaway welfare spending and curbing the deficit.
Wim Kok was born a carpenter's son from Bergambacht near Rotterdam. He studied at Nijenrode Business School and joined an Amsterdam trading company before moving into trade unionism. In 1986 he made the transition into politics when he became both a member of the Lower House of Parliament and the leader of the Labour Party he went on to become Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance ending up as Prime Minister for two terms in 1994.
He earned international respect for his handling of the Dutch EU presidency which set the seal on European economic and monetary union with the Treaty of Amsterdam in June 1997. In 2000 he was appointed by the European leaders to examine the progress of the Lisbon objectives which set ambitious targets for the EU.
After his premiership, Kok retired from active politics and became a lobbyist for the European Union. He advised the European Commission on the consequences of the enlargement of the European Union and was chairman of the European Employment Taskforce in 2003. During this year he was also given the honorary position of minister of State.
He is President of the prestigious Club of Madrid and a Member of the International Crisis Group
He has been Vice-Chairman of the Board of De Nederlandsche Bank, and visiting lecturer at the Institute of Social Studies. He currently serves on the supervisory boards of various organizations, including the ING Group, Royal Dutch/Shell, TNT N.V., and KLM.
He is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German and is a football fan.

Speaking Topics

  • Global Financial and Economic Landscape
  • European Employment Policies
  • The Future of Europe within the Global Market Place
  • The Implications of Enlargement of the EU European and Global Social, Political and Economic Issues


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