Speakers on branding

The world’s leading speakers on branding; from shaping it, building it and ensuring your markets engage with it

However good your marketing campaign if your brand isn’t strong your customers will not engage. Great branding is core to who you are and where your business is going. It defines your values and beliefs and helps build loyalty from customers. Understanding how to shape your brand so you stand out in a crowded market is imperative, especially in times of crisis.

Our branding experts have worked in some of the most competitive sectors and have the experience and knowledge to share with you in a keynote speech. Their advice will allow you to ensure you make your brand stand out from the crowd and build loyalty so you can foster a strong relationship with your customers.

Meet our branding speakers

Change leadership thinker, international speaker and author
DE&I Thought Leader, Cultural Contagion Expert, Award-winning Advertiser & Brand Strategist, Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy New York, and 2020 AAF Advertising Hall of Achievement Inductee
Top Creativity Keynote Speaker, Director, Former Lead Storyteller and Animator at Pixar Studios
Customer Loyalty Expert, Legendary Former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Author of 'Make Some Noise,' and Co-Creator of Torque Sessions
Vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group, The Spectator’s Wiki Man
Former head of online marketing for Virgin Group
Member of the Swarovski executive board, head of corporate branding and communication
Author of Reinvent Yourself and an international creativity and marketing expert
Lead singer of Iron Maiden one of the world’s greatest rock bands, a commercial pilot, entrepreneur, creative business thinker, brewmaster and keynote speaker
Founder & CEO of FUBU Clothing, Shark Tank Investor, Bestselling Author & Motivational Author