Speakers on creativity

Today’s business mantra of ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ makes creativity and innovation top of everyone’s agenda

Creativity is about generating ideas, alternatives or possibilities to help solve problems or communicate a message. It is going beyond the usual to develop a concept that can be used to generate change.

Meet our creativity speakers

Isabel Aguilera Navarro Speaker
Former president of General Electric, Spain and Portugal; Former managing director of Google, Spain and Portugal
Javier Goyeneche Speaker
President and founder of ECOALF
Jay Sean Speaker
Singer- songwriter, record producer and arranger
Jay Shetty Speaker
Internet personality, storyteller, podcast host, purpose coach and former monk who is making wisdom go viral
Jo Malone Speaker
High-end fragrance and cosmetics brand founder
John Kao Speaker
Widely-respected author, strategic advisor & futurist
John McEnroe Speaker
World tennis star & commentator
Jim Carroll Speaker
Leading global futurist & innovation expert
Jim Dowdall Speaker
British Stunt Coordinator and performer who worked on eight Bond movies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Where Eagles Dare and Saving Private Ryan as well as Top Gear and dozens of other TV shows.
Jim Harris Speaker
Disruptive innovation and organizational change expert