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Marketing experts at the cutting edge of new strategies and methods

When it comes to developing your organisation’s marketing capabilities and maintaining world-class communications with your client base, it pays to engage the best marketing speakers the world has to offer: people who can offer new insights and practical strategies that your team can implement quickly and effectively.

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Sir Tim Smit, Speaker
Co-founder and chief executive of the Eden Project
Amit Joshi Speaker
Professor of digital marketing and strategy at IMD Business School
Sarah Willingham Speaker
Serial entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor
Sharron Lowe Speaker
Success coach, speaker and author
Rosie Swale-Pope Speaker
Global adventurer, marathon runner and author
Rachel Botsman Speaker
Author and trust fellow, Oxford University
Rashim Mogha Speaker
Founder of eWow—empowered Women of the World, a published author, keynote speaker and Women in Tech evangelist
Penny Mallory Speaker
World class thinking, world class behaviour
Martha Lane-Fox Speaker
Co-founder of lastminute.com, UK Digital Champion, non-executive director of Marks and Spencer
Martina Fuchs Speaker
Business Journalist, Event Moderator and Expert on Asia, China and the Middle East