Political speakers

A broad list of international and local politicians, geopolitical experts and political commentators bring valuable insight to your next event

Bringing many years of experience in the political arena, our speakers can speak eloquently on a broad range of political topics. Covering international relations; geopolitical issues; economics; government policy overviews; these speakers can give insights very few others can offer.

Speakers on politics

Marga Hoek Speaker
International figurehead on sustainable business and capital
Sean Pillot de Chenecey Speaker
An inspirational speaker, best-selling author and insight/innovation/strategy expert, who has consulted for some of the world’s biggest brands
Muhammad Yunus Speaker
Visionary, Nobel Laureate, internationally recognized for his work in poverty
Matt Frei Speaker
Television news journalist and writer, Europe editor for Channel 4 News
Yu Yongding Speaker
Former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China
Afua Adom Speaker
TV News Anchor, Commentator, Journalist and Broadcaster
Tom Bradby Speaker
Presenter of ITV News at Ten and The Agenda
Thomas Piketty Speaker
Economist, professor, author
Tim Collins Speaker
Known for his stirring eve-of-battle speech during the Iraq war and his service as a British army officer
Steve Richards Speaker
Leading political commentator and broadcaster