Political speakers

A broad list of international and local politicians, geopolitical experts and political commentators bring valuable insight to your next event

Bringing many years of experience in the political arena, our speakers can speak eloquently on a broad range of political topics. Covering international relations; geopolitical issues; economics; government policy overviews; these speakers can give insights very few others can offer.

Speakers on politics

Clare Richardson, Journalist
News Anchor for DW
Afua Adom Speaker
TV News Anchor, Commentator, Journalist and Broadcaster
Andrew Scott Speaker
Economics expert and global authority on the implications of longer life for business and society
Sandy Toksvig Speaker
A top TV, radio presenter and author famed for a razor-sharp wit
Pippa Malmgren Speaker
Former presidential advisor, best-selling author and co-founder, H Robotics
Rebecca Harding Speaker
CEO of Coriolis Technologies
Nikki Bedi Speaker
Television and radio broadcaster with a passion for making arts and culture accessible
Martina Fuchs Speaker
Business Journalist, Event Moderator and Expert on Asia, China and the Middle East
Martina Olbertova Speaker
Meaning expert, brand & cultural strategist and keynote speaker
Marga Hoek Speaker
International figurehead on sustainable business and capital