Speakers on society

Looking for a keynote speaker on a key societal issue?

Global society and social responsibility are increasingly impacting the decisions we all make, on both a personal and an organisational level.

Our keynote speakers on society include environmental, energy and education speakers. They speak on the current and the anticipated future state of society, the changing nature of education, environmental issues and health sciences.

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Meet our speakers on society

Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker, CEO of production company Fuuse
Leadership speaker, founder and CEO of Count Me In
A behavioural psychologist, medical school professor, best-selling author and innovator
Known to most for his role as the Mayor of London
Editor, The Spectator; Expert in UK Politics
Best-selling author, thought leader, international affairs expert, founder and president of Eurasia Group
Civil engineer, BBC presenter, STEM and Neurodiversity speaker
New York Times best-selling author, pre-eminent thinker, influencer, speaker and international economist specialising in global affairs
Prolific TV science presenter, CERN physicist and charismatic keynote speaker
Technology futurist