Speakers on sustainability

The experts on climate change, environmentally positive policies, corporate responsibility and innovations in green technologies

Our sustainability speakers address all aspects including energy efficiency, green business, alternative fuels, climate change and our impact on the seas, earth and air.

From a fascinating description of our planet and the way we can care for it, to a technical description of the way new innovations for power are working, you are sure to find a speaker on the environment to suit your needs.

Meet our speakers on sustainability and environment

Thimon de Jong
Bring the outside world in. Future-proof your business strategy with Thimon de Jong, a strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker.
Afua Adom Speaker
TV News Anchor, Commentator, Journalist and Broadcaster
Shiulie Ghosh Speaker
Award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 20 years
Adjiedj Bakas
Visionary speaker & trendwatcher
Isabel Behncke keynote speaker
Scientist, TED Fellow, public speaker, adviser of organisations, start-ups and think-tanks
Sarah Begum Speaker
Anthropologist, explorer & presenter
Pippa Malmgren Speaker
Former presidential advisor, best-selling author and co-founder, H Robotics
Rita Clifton Speaker
High-profile business leader and acclaimed brand and marketing guru. Keynote speaker & chair, author and expert adviser
Martina Olbertova Speaker
Meaning expert, brand & cultural strategist and keynote speaker
Laila Harrak Speaker
Anchor and broadcast journalist at DW News TV. She is the new anchor of DW’s Berlin-based world news broadcasts