Speakers on sustainability

The experts on climate change, environmentally positive policies, corporate responsibility and innovations in green technologies

Our sustainability speakers address all aspects including energy efficiency, green business, alternative fuels, climate change and our impact on the seas, earth and air.

From a fascinating description of our planet and the way we can care for it, to a technical description of the way new innovations for power are working, you are sure to find a speaker on the environment to suit your needs.

Meet our speakers on sustainability

Filmmaker, TV broadcaster and conservationist
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information and Director of the Digital Ethics Lab
Professor at IMD on strategy and leadership
Strategic thinker, author, commentator
Professor of finance at London Business School
Chief Economic Advisor, CEBR
Governor of Tokyo
One of Britain’s most loved documentary presenters
A strong advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions, and a visionary architect operating beyond the restrained realm of architecture
CEO of Coriolis Technologies