Teambuilding speakers

Develop the collective, collaborative effect of the teams at the heart of your organisation

Our team-building speakers powerfully demonstrate the positive impact that true collaboration and teamwork can bring to any organisation. More than pure motivation, they will deliver your key messages in ways that resonate and remain with your audience long after your event is over.

Our speakers have seen action in the worlds of sports, exploration, politics or in the global business marketplace. They have dealt firsthand with building teams that can thrive under pressure and they know what it takes to nurture and develop breakthrough teams that generate their own momentum, working together to pursue a shared vision whilst leading their entire organization to a new level.

Bringing your teams together as the world continues to learn to deal with the fallout from the global pandemic is key to the future success or your organisation.

Team-building speakers are part of our business management speakers roster. You may also be interested in our leadership speakers.

View our team-building speakers

Joan Laporta Speaker
38th President of FC Barcelona & expert speaker on building a winning team
Jim Harris Speaker
Disruptive innovation and organizational change expert
Jim McNeill
One of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers
Jermaine Harris Speaker
High-energy motivational speaker, author of The Rut Buster: The secrets to taking control of your body, money, career and life
Karl Burrows Speaker
Founder and Managing Director of Hakaworks
Ken Blanchard Speaker
Well-known management expert & author
Kevin Cashman Speaker
Professional and personal transformation, leadership, executive development, career development, spirituality in the workplace
Justin Hughes Speaker
Renowned presenter on leadership, execution and risk, former Red Arrow & RAF jet fighter pilot
Jonny Wilkinson Speaker
England Rugby Legend
Lynda Gratton Speaker
Global authority on people, leadership and the future of work