Economist speakers

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Our speakers on the global economy are at the top of their field; economists covering positions such as government advisors, top university professors and Nobel Prize winners as well as former chief economists and commentators.

Whether you need insight into globalisation, policy or trade, or want analysis and comment we have a speaker that will fit your brief.

Meet our speakers on the economy

Former Governor of Hong Kong, European Commissioner, Chairman BBC Trust, Chancellor Oxford University
Cited as “one of the most brilliant minds in banking” by The Financial Brand
Thought leader in the fields of social media & internet business
A leading British and multi-award winning Political Cartoonist for the London Evening Standard
Former European Commissioner for Internal Market & Services, & Irish politician
European Director of TED conferences
Futurist speaker, developer and commentator on Google’s self-driving cars, founder of ClariNet and Director & Chairman of EFF. Professor of Networks and Computing at Singularity University
Co-founder at Map of the Money
Foremost expert on emerging markets and globalisation, particularly India & China
Renowned sociologist and author