Economist speakers

Stay ahead with unrivalled market intelligence, gain deep insights into where the world economy is going

Our speakers on the global economy are at the top of their field; economists covering positions such as government advisors, top university professors and Nobel Prize winners as well as former chief economists and commentators.

Whether you need insight into globalisation, policy or trade, or want analysis and comment we have a speaker that will fit your brief.

Meet our speakers on the economy

Sir Ivan Rogers Speaker
Former British Permanent Representative to the EU
James Henderson Speaker
Director of the IMD Global Leadership in the Cloud program
Jasmine Birtles Speaker
Financial expert, TV presenter, author, journalist, business commentator and humorist
Jayati Ghosh Speaker
World renowned economist
Janet Street-Porter Speaker
English celebrity, media personality, journalist and broadcaster
Jean-Paul Fitoussi Speaker
World-renowned French economist
Jeff Moody Speaker
​International news anchor at CGTN
Jeff Randall Speaker
Telegraph’s Editor-at-Large and Sky News Business show host
Jeffrey Sachs Speaker
Director of the Earth Institute, former adviser to Ban Ki-moon and Special Advisor to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres
Jean-Claude Trichet Speaker
Former President of the European Central Bank