Economist speakers

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Our speakers on the global economy are at the top of their field; economists covering positions such as government advisors, top university professors and Nobel Prize winners as well as former chief economists and commentators.

Whether you need insight into globalisation, policy or trade, or want analysis and comment we have a speaker that will fit your brief.

Meet our speakers on the economy

Journalist and broadcaster specialising in economics, international affairs and politics
Chair and President, Huffington Post Media Group; Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
Forbes publisher, futurist, moderator, speaker
CEO, futurist, innovation, science, technology, TED Talk speaker
Award-winning author, speaker and economist
Known to most for his role as the Mayor of London
Editor, The Spectator; Expert in UK Politics
BBC breakfast presenter, journalist & broadcaster
Member of the Swarovski executive board, head of corporate branding and communication
World-renowned expert in management and globalisation