Talent Management is fast becoming recognised as one of the most important areas of business. Planning to meet the human capital needs of your organisation is essential. As younger employees come into employment you will need to accommodate their different aspirations, which can be a challenge to the status quo. 

If you've been tasked with hiring a talent management guru to speak,  or an HR expert to offer their expertise and experience for an upcoming event, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where we come in. If you're not sure which speaker will best fit your requirements, request a call back using the short form to the right or call us on +44 (0)1628 636600. We will help you make the right choice and find the most suitable speaker for your event, your audience and your requirements.

Talk Talent Management

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Sean Pillot de Chenecey

A cultural/social/business trends expert and an inspirational speaker who...

Ben Renshaw

Foremost leadership expert specialising in purpose-led cultures.

Lucy Adams

Former HR Director & Executive Board Member of the BBC.

Josephine Fairley

Highly Successful Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Green & Blacks

Emmanuel Gobillot

Renowned Leadership Expert, Believes there Must be a Better Way

Andrew Scott

Economics expert and global authority on the implications of longer life...

Graeme Codrington

Expert on the future world of work and disruptive change. Keynote...

Debra Searle

Adventurer & Gender Balance Campaigner Who Rowed the Atlantic Single-...

Terence Mauri

Illustrates how to win in the Age of Disruption

Jamil Qureshi

Performance coach, Psychologist, Author & Keynote Speaker.

Laura Winterling

Physicist, former astronaut trainer at ESA and keynote speaker

Rasmus Ankersen

Best-selling author, entrepreneur and global keynote speaker.

Cary Cooper

Organisational psychology guru, author and editor.

John Pearson

Chairman of Shazam Entertainment & former CEO of Virgin Radio.

Bonnie Greer

Award-winning Playwright, Author & Critic.

Frank Dick

Coached Numerous Successful Athletes...

Dominic Alldis

Jazz Musician and Conductor runs Innovative Business Development and...

Larry Hochman

Leading authority on change management and customer service.

Simon Walker

Consultant, Mentor, Expert in the future of work and leadership and the...

Oscar van Weerdenburg

Consultant and trainer in cultural differences in business.

Alan O’Neill

Author, trainer, speaker, international change consultant who drove...

Andrew McMillan

The man behind the unique sales and service culture at John Lewis.

Carole Gaskell

Keynote speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur.

Suzy Walton

Inspirational board director, corporate governance expert, broadcaster and...

Andrew Bastawrous

Andrew Bastawrous is an eye surgeon and an inventor, building accessible...