An innovation and creativity speaker can inspire audiences by changing mindsets and behaviour through the introduction of new ways of thinking, new approaches and changes in values and belief systems. After listening to an innovation and creativity speaker, audiences are guaranteed to leave on a high, and go back to work with a new determination to succeed.

Our innovation and creativity speakers come from a variety of backgrounds: from sports stars and adventurers, to successful business people and fascinating scientists, they all have a tale to tell and lessons to teach which will inspire your audience.

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René Carayol

Charismatic speaker & business guru specialising in leadership and...

Nilofer Merchant

Digital & Future Thinker - Go-Getting Go-To Advisor - Grows Companies

Magnus Lindkvist

Expert at Predicting Future Trends & Founder of the Pattern...

Ian Goldin

Former VP of the World Bank, Prof at University of Oxford

Julian Birkinshaw

Thought Leader in Strategy & Entrepreneurship - Rethinking Management...

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson

Engineer, educator and tech philosopher, Nell Watson is a captivating...

Jonas Ridderstrale

Highly Respected & Influential Business Thinker.

Nirmalya Kumar

Marketing and innovation expert with a special interest in examining the...

Dave Coplin

Author, alchemist, catalyst, founder and CEO of The Envisioners

Dave Trott

Advertising and creative award winner.

Richard Reed

Entrepreneur - founder of Innocent Drinks

Fons Trompenaars

The original cultural difference thinker.

Jamie Anderson

Academic and keynote speaker, currently studying the innovative business...

Erica Dhawan

Champion of connectional intelligence, author, and thought leader

Ayesha Khanna

CEO of ADDO AI. Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and...

Martin Glenn

CEO of English Football Association, former CEO of United Biscuits,...

Rohit Talwar

World leading global futurist and founder of Fast Future Research.

Simon Woodroffe

The inspirational entrepreneur behind the Yo! Company.

Jim Carroll

Leading Global Futurist & Innovation Expert.

Bruno Giussani

European Director of TED conferences.

Alberto Alessi

Godfather of Italian product design, technology expert and entrepreneur.

Fredrik Haren

Global Speaker & Author on Business Creativity, Change and Global Mindset

Thomas Frey

Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey is Google's Top...

Brent Hoberman

An internet entrepreneur who proved it was possible to stay afloat when...

Edward de Bono

Influential thinker who introduced the world to "lateral thinking".

Jinsop Lee

Industrial Designer with 5 Senses Approach.

Daniel Burrus

Keynote speaker, business strategist and global futurist.

Chris Brogan

Online business guru and advocate of "Doing Business the Human Way".

Steve Faktor

A entrepreneur, futurist, innovation strategist and founder of IdeaFaktory.

Lucy Perry

An award-winning leader, author, rule breaker, idea maker and keynote...

Ben Hammersley

Host of Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley, Author & Futurist

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Author

Anders Indset

Norwegian philosopher, author and public speaker, Anders Indset is guest...