An innovation and creativity speaker can inspire audiences by changing mindsets and behaviour through the introduction of new ways of thinking, new approaches and changes in values and belief systems. After listening to an innovation and creativity speaker, audiences are guaranteed to leave on a high, and go back to work with a new determination to succeed.

Our innovation and creativity speakers come from a variety of backgrounds: from sports stars and adventurers, to successful business people and fascinating scientists, they all have a tale to tell and lessons to teach which will inspire your audience.

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K D Adamson

Futurist, author, presenter and expert on how the technology-enabled...

Nilofer Merchant

Digital & Future Thinker - Go-Getting Go-To Advisor - Grows Companies

Sara Murray

Entrepreneur and businesswoman - founder of price comparison website...

Rachel Botsman

Champion of the collaborative economy, author and thought leader.

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson

Engineer, educator and tech philosopher, Nell Watson is a captivating...

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media, former Marketing Director of Facebook.

Sally Hogshead

Hall of Fame speaker and two-time New York Times bestselling author, Sally...

Laura Winterling

Physicist, former astronaut trainer at ESA and keynote speaker

Erica Dhawan

Champion of connectional intelligence, author, and thought leader

Melissa Sterry

A champion of sustainability who believes that pioneering sustainability...

Ayesha Khanna

CEO of ADDO AI. Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and...

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a writer, digital marketing pioneer, and Wall Street...

Li Edelkoort

Trend Forecaster for Beauty, Fashion, Retail, Consumer-electronics,...

Whitney Johnson

Best-selling author, Thinkers50 speaker, expert on disruptive innovation...

Concetta Lanciaux

Luxury goods market visionary and pioneer.

Billie Whitehouse

Co-founder at Wearable Experiments and Alumni Manager at the Whitehouse...

Charlene Li

Pioneer and thought leader in the world of social technologies.

Gaia Grant

Bestselling international author, director of Tirian International...

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

A strong advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions...

Kathleen Eisenhardt

Professor on Strategy, Decision-making & innovation.

Anna Bance

Award-winning entrepreneur who has brought top designer fashion to the...

Cate Trotter

Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a leading London-based...

Lucy Perry

An award-winning leader, author, rule breaker, idea maker and keynote...